Hashgraph aims to scale a mental health platform to billions of users

Hashgraph has partnered with the Chopra Foundation to develop a mental health platform that they hope will scale to 1 billion users in five years. The platform’s initial focus will be on suicide prevention, although they hope to eventually turn it into a broader mental wellbeing network.. According to the press release, the Never Alone Initiative will “serve a global community and provide safe access to scientific research, the work of mental health and wellness experts, and pragmatic tools and practices for everyday use.”

We asked Hashance CEO Mance Harmon if the fact that Deepak Chopra was accused of promoting pseudoscience and charlatanism posed a challenge to the association. Harmon admitted that he was familiar with the controversy surrounding Chopra’s methods, adding, “I think the platform that is being created can be valuable.”

Harmon believes that If the initiative is successful, it will be an important use case for hash graph technology and distributed ledger technology in general. The company’s technology is used to authenticate content, track usage, and reward creators with a token.. Most blockchains have problems storing large media files. According to Harmon, Hashgraph is well suited to this challenge because of its unique design.

Hashgraph aims to scale a mental health platform to billions of users
Hashgraph aims to scale a mental health platform to billions of users

Hashgraph’s Hedera Consensus Service (HCS), which serves as the base layer, organizes transactions in consensus order. The Chopra Foundation will also operate its own nodes on which the data will be stored. They claim that the data stored on the private network is still time safe:

When the content is created, it is hashed and the hash is sent to the HCS, given its timestamp, and then streamed back to that private network where everything is stored.

Harmon said the comparison to Steemit was appropriate, adding that he liked the design of the Never Alone platform:

I really appreciate the model that the Never Alone Initiative is bringing to market here. And that’s the model of combining content crowdsourcing, curating that content, and generally getting the community to effectively reward content creators through their participation, use, and compensation through a token.

While Chopra’s teachings may be questionable, he’s a real salesman – he’s an associate professor of marketing at Columbia University School of Business. If you can manage to scale the platform to a tenth of its stated goals, that’s a great feat.

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