Hamas calls for demonstrations on the esplanade of the mosques for the decision on the prayer of the Jews

A group of Palestinian groups in the Gaza Strip has called on the population to take part in demonstrations to denounce the ruling by an Israeli court that for the first time allows Jewish believers to pray on the esplanade of mosques while it is silent ceremonies.

A court in Jerusalem has upheld the right of Jews to pray for Jews in the site known as the Temple Mount, while authorities pressed for a ban on non-Muslim prayers to be lifted.

Hamas calls for demonstrations on the esplanade of the mosques for the decision on the prayer of the Jews
Hamas calls for demonstrations on the esplanade of the mosques for the decision on the prayer of the Jews

The “resistance factions”, among which the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) stands out, have emphasized that the judgment implies “an aggression” against the Muslim holy places in Jerusalem and warned that Israel will bear “full responsibility” for the consequences.

The signatory groups – who are viewed by Israel as terrorists – have stressed that “this diabolical and malicious decision is a prelude to the conspiracy to divide the Al-Aqsa Mosque into temporal and spatial division that will allow settlers to commit their crimes against Al -Aqsa and Jerusalem to continue “. .

For this reason, they have called on the Palestinians of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem to “reject this clear violation of the right to land and holy places,” according to the Palestinian news agency Maan.

The statement came after the Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemned an “unprecedented decision” and found it to be a “declaration of war” against the Palestinian people and the Arab and Islamic nations.

In doing so, he declared that the judgment was “an open call for religious war in the region” and added that it represented “a step forward towards the division of the holy place” for which he was faced with “dangerous consequences” warned. that could mean for the ‘status quo’.

The criticism was joined by the Palestinian Prime Minister Mohamed Shtayé, who warned against Israel’s attempts to “impose a new fait accompli” and called on the United States to fulfill its promises to maintain the “status quo” in the city.

The Palestinian National Council (PNC) also criticized the ruling, which it described as a “direct and explicit attack on the unique right of Muslims” to the esplanade of the mosques, according to the Palestinian news agency WAFA.

With that in mind, he has stated that this decision would not have been made “without the failure of international, Arab and Islamic institutions to fulfill their duty and obligations to occupied Palestine and its holy places”, saying that Israel “has no jurisdiction or authority over the occupied Palestinian land and its holy places. “

At the international level, the first to respond was the Jordanian government, whose Foreign Ministry declared on Thursday that the verdict was “invalid” and stressed that it was “under international law that the authority of the apparatus. Judicial review of the Israeli occupation of the territories occupied in 1967, including East Jerusalem ”.

For this reason, he stressed in a statement that this was “a blatant violation of international resolutions, including those of the United Nations Security Council, which emphasize the need to maintain the ‘status quo’ in the Holy City”, “before warning of consequences” .

Subsequently, the Egyptian government stressed the need to respect the “historical and legal status of Jerusalem” in accordance with international resolutions and, according to the Egyptian daily Al Ahram, expressed its “extreme” concern about the possible effects of the judgment. .

Turkey was another country in the region that criticized the judgment, saying: “We have to consider the alarming possibility that this decision will reinforce fanatical circles trying to undermine and create the ‘status quo’ in the Al Mosque new tensions. “

“We call on the international community to resolutely oppose this wrong, illegal and dangerous decision and all provocations against the Al-Aqsa mosque,” said a statement by the Turkish Foreign Ministry on its website.

For his part, the General Secretary of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OCI), Yusef al Ozaimín, “firmly” condemned the court ruling, arguing that “this illegal decision constitutes an unprecedented attack on the inalienable religious rights of the Islamic community and” its legacy, a provocation for the sentiments of Muslims around the world and a violation of religious freedom and the sanctity of holy places. “

In this sense, she rejects “any measure by the occupying power that affects the status of occupied East Jerusalem and the Palestinian presence there or that harms Islamic and Christian holy places, as they represent a serious violation of international law”.

Al Ozaimín stressed that Israel “as an occupying power” is “fully responsible for the consequences of these decisions destabilizing the region and sparking religious conflict” before calling on the international community to “intervene urgently to maintain its historical and legal ‘status quo ‘in Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. “

Finally, in his statement, the Secretary General of the OCI stressed the need for the international community to “work hard to resume a political path leading to the realization of the two-state solution, as reflected in the relevant United Nations resolutions”. . Nations and the Arab Peace Initiative “.

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