“Halving” mentions on Twitter and other social networks have skyrocketed

Less than three weeks after the halving, the problem has overtaken the corona virus as one of the most important Bitcoin narratives on Twitterand media coverage is starting to dominate again.

On April 23, the cryptocurrency Social Sentiment Analysis Company TheTIE released Data on Twitter shows that the discussion about halving was ranked the ninth largest topic related to Bitcoin (BTC) on Twitter, with 650 tweets on this topic. Gold-related Bitcoin discussions now included 690 tweets.

Cryptanalyst Mati Greenspan told Cointelegraph: “Together with the current economic situation, the virus completely drowned out all discussions about the halving event“”

Halve conversations explode

“Halving” mentions on Twitter and other social networks have skyrocketed
“Halving” mentions on Twitter and other social networks have skyrocketed

The next day, however, talks about halving almost doubled and became the second most popular Bitcoin-related topic on Twitter.With 1,058 Tweets. Only “#trading” attracted a higher discussion volume with 1,129 tweets, while “Gold” dropped to ninth place with 634 posts.

The filming of the halving talks coincided with a weekly high of 8,134 Bitcoin-related posts per hour on Twitter, according to the mood analysis company LunarCRUSH.

COVID-19’s crypto media coverage may have peaked

The TIE has too observed a steady increase in media coverage of the halving Next time in April, which may have contributed to the increase in related social activities.

TIE co-founder Joshua Frank shared data with Cointelegraph and compared the volume of media articles on “halving”, “corona virus” and “gold”.

Articles that mention Bitcoin and Halving, Coronavirus, or Gold

The data show that Halving and gold articles fluctuated consistently in the fourth quarter of 2019before the volume begins to increase in mid-January. The halving exceeded gold in February, but COVID-19 became the dominant story in March.

However Halving the coverage now appears to be designed to outperform the coronavirus;; Frank said to Cointelegraph:

“What we can see is that the coronavirus became the dominant narrative next to Bitcoin in March, but more recently mentions of the coronavirus have decreased while the halving has gained a lot of momentum.”

The discussion about ETH 2.0 will take place in March

The data shared by TheTIE also shows that the discussion about Ethereum’s upcoming ETH 2.0 (ETH) has steadily gained ground along with the halving … until the market crash in March, an event the market had to recover from.

Relative frequency index

Data show that ETH 2.0 exceeded the halving as a topic in September 2019 and almost reached parity again in early January.

Updated every 350 milliseconds, TheTIE examines 850 million tweets related to more than 450 daily cryptocurrencies.

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