“Halloween” and How to Fix the Mistakes You Made in the Past to Get Your Business Back

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Stop me when you hear this After thinking about an idea, you decide it’s time to start one draft.

“Halloween” and How to Fix the Mistakes You Made in the Past to Get Your Business Back
“Halloween” and How to Fix the Mistakes You Made in the Past to Get Your Business Back

You put that idea behind you, you get advice, you raise capital when you team up, you meet the requirements of the law, you go into debt, you start the project, you see it takes time to get started, you start to believe nothing was worth it and then convince yourself that the best thing would have been to never have bet on the idea.

Suddenly there is a “miracle factor” that supports the project of a thread; You take advantage of this extra life that has fallen out of nowhere, you regain your spirits, you strengthen the original strategy, you recognize the points that you have slacked off, you make some adjustments before and after a few months you notice the project can finally take a good course.

You push hard until one day your project is finally one success.

They hardly enjoy the honeys from triumphwhen approached by people with different suggestions to expand and increase the scope and profitability. You pay attention to them because your mind is thinking about how to capitalize on the project.

You analyze scenarios and decide to release the reins so others can reinforce them.

All is luck and hallucinations with money until you find the project is subject to changes that have nothing to do with your original idea. You don’t recognize it anymore; other hands were responsible for “prostituting” him.

You complain and talk to your youngest partners to reverse what they did, but you let go of so much that it is too late. It’s the end of your idea and there’s nothing you can do to restore it and bring it back to what it was, is there?

Not necessarily.

The world of ship It’s full of variables that affect each initiative in different ways. One of these is engaging third parties – generally partners – to disseminate, expand, extend, and capitalize on a project.

Good intentions on paper, but that can in the long run be translated into a concentration of decision-making powers in the hands of those who started the initiative.

Take what happened as an example Halloween, a saga that was born protected in triumph and suddenly fell into the hands of others who only buried it in layers of discredit.

The original Halloween 1978 directed, co-written and set to music by John CarpenterIt was a watershed in the world of cinema; formed the Slasher (Opinions are conflicting but it’s not how to deal with them) and he gave us one of the best bad guys ever in the skin of Michael myers.

It was a box office hit and producers immediately saw the opportunity to use it as a franchise through the constant release of sequels.

Carpenter co-wrote the second HalloweenHe produced the third and then decided that there was no point in expanding a franchise that had already given it its all.

But in 1988, ten years after the original, the producers who received the rights decided that they would revive Halloween even without Carpenter’s consent and twisting everything he had raised.

That year he released Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers, came a year later Halloween V: The Revenge of Michael Myers and six later it premiered Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers.

A nefarious trilogy of films that shattered the concept behind its central killer.

Not satisfied with it, the producers released in 1998 – 20 years after the original delivery – Halloween H20: 20 years laterAn attempt to get back on track, but that ultimately opened the door for another four years later Halloween: Resurrection, a terrifying film that the franchise fell into disuse.

Carpenter’s creation was in tatters.

The same production company decided to restart the saga by repeating the original film and hired the musician and filmmaker Rob zombie thanks for your order.

Zombie premiered its version of Halloween in 2007 and followed by a sequel that came out in 2009. Both films were devastated by critics.

Everything seemed lost Halloween, regardless of the fact that the first film was a revolution for horror films.

The franchise stayed in the air for several years until someone concluded that perhaps the best way to revive it was to involve its creator. And that’s exactly what happened.

The new Halloween from 2018 – with John Carpenter appearing as executive producer, songwriter, and general counsel – leaves out everything that was made through the sequels, remakes, and retrospective continuities entirely to be placed as the true second installment following the 1978 film will.

Given the excellent reception of criticism that has accumulated in the world, we can confirm that it is an example of how best it is to go back to basics and consult with those who gave him life, when a project has gone through too many hands and filled its history with mistakes.

Zimmermann is happy. The critic is surprised. And now we can happily say that Michael Myers is back.

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