Habits of taking care of your wellbeing and health as an entrepreneur

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If you are one of the entrepreneurs who ignore the importance of taking care of both your mind and your body, the following habits are for you.

1. Give up the syndrome of wanting to cover everything

Habits of taking care of your wellbeing and health as an entrepreneur
Habits of taking care of your wellbeing and health as an entrepreneur

It’s obvious that you need to cover most, if not all, of your company’s needs first, but if you don’t yet have a team to support you. Not only does this cause your stress level to increase too much, but you always want your day to offer you more than 24 hours.

Solution. Prioritize what is important right now. We often believe that everything has priority, although there are certain activities and tasks that can be postponed or stopped until the most important ones have been solved.

Also think of something very important. If you have a team that supports and supports you in your company, learn to delegate.

Many entrepreneurs forget the importance of entrusting tasks to others who are also trained. This is for fear that they will not do it the way you would. Remember there are many ways to do things well.

2. Respect the right meal times

Leaving meal times in the background is a very common extreme among people who have their own business. On the one hand there are those who lose their energy completely and only eat one meal a day, and on the other hand there are those who eat junk food without nutrients during the day to keep them 100%.

Yes, fast food is cheaper, but keep in mind that the best investment is the one you make in your health. Your body will thank you in the short, medium and long term.

Solution. Raising awareness of the importance of a healthy diet, at least three times a day, preferably five times, and at fixed times. Don’t forget that food gives vitality to the mind, which is the main motor for doing the work you want.

3. Consolidate your weekly goals

As I mentioned earlier, many tasks often go unfinished if you want to do everything yourself.

The solution to prevent this from happening is to create goals that are measurable, achievable and, above all, positive:

Measurable. Define reasonable times for each task to be completed by registering it in an agenda, calendar, or program that allows you to create Gantt charts. TeamGantt is an example of this.

Reachable. Analyze what goals you need to meet to make your dream come true. Remember that an achievable goal must match your resources and opportunities.

Positive. Positive mental programming gives you the energy needed to achieve each of the goals you want to achieve. Decide what you want positive and work for it.

4. Make decisions by thinking clearly

An extremely busy mind rarely has the clarity to make the right decisions at critical moments.

Think of it this way: A snowball starts with a snowflake, right? The Codend is a task that has to be solved. Suddenly you are surrounded by different snowflakes. It is important that you make an important decision for a project.

It is at the very moment that you realize that all of these flakes have been homologated into a great snowball that rolls until it reaches you. Now you not only have the pressure to make an important decision for a project, but you also have to take on all tasks that have been accumulated through non-prioritization.

Most often you make decisions that help you “get out of trouble” but not solutions that matter in the medium and long term and become recurring problems.

Solution. Organize your tasks so that they don’t come together until you become a problem where you don’t know where to start and / or start.

When it comes to making really important decisions, take enough time for the stress of everyday tasks. Remember that the direction of the project and its success depend on it.

5. Disconnect

To give the mind and the healthy body the maximum, they always need a good break.

solution. Treat yourself to a quality free time in which you really forget about emails, calls and earrings. All of this will go on there, but your body and mind will always need these moments to connect with yourself, your partner, your family or friends.

Enjoy plans that can fully clear your mind. Take up the hobby you liked so much, buy a new book, take your time, and escape to a new location on the weekend. The reality is that you spend so many hours in front of a computer or smartphone that you are no longer creative when you enjoy the world outside of work.

Enjoying life will not make you less successfulbut to be fuller and therefore happy.

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