Guterres regrets the “slow response” to the Afghanistan crisis and calls on the Taliban not to “break their promises”

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres this Monday regretted the “slow response” of the international community to the crisis in Afghanistan, but did not express hope about the consensus on the need for humanitarian aid that he has asked the Taliban for ” breaking their promises “, especially when it comes to women’s and girls’ rights.

“The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is increasing, as is the response of the United Nations to help the Afghan people,” Guterres said in a press conference before the G20 meeting due to the situation in the Central Asian country, which is at least 18 million people, half of the country’s population.

Guterres regrets the “slow response” to the Afghanistan crisis and calls on the Taliban not to “break their promises”
Guterres regrets the “slow response” to the Afghanistan crisis and calls on the Taliban not to “break their promises”

In this context, and “despite the financial deficit, logistical challenges and an increasingly complex geopolitical situation”, the UN is carrying out “a massive humanitarian operation in the country” of which Guterres is “particularly proud” since received in September more than 3.8 million people received food aid and 21,000 children and 10,000 women were treated for acute malnutrition.

In addition, 32,000 people received non-food items, including blankets and warm clothing for the winter. In education, 10,000 children received community-based educational activities and 450,000 people received basic and secondary care.

On the other hand, 160,000 farmers and shepherds received support for their livelihoods, 12,000 people received psychosocial and mental emergency aid, 186,000 people affected by the drought received water, and 150,000 people received hygiene and hygiene promotion packages.

“UN agencies and NGOs are in a race against time to provide vital aid to the people affected by the crisis” and “will not give in,” warned the United Nations’ highest representative, stressing that these activities are collaborative the Taliban, who “have gradually granted access to the requested areas and provided security if necessary”.

In addition, “the number of incidents in humanitarian operations has steadily declined”. “Humanitarian aid saves lives. But it will not solve the problem if the Afghan economy collapses, ”warned Guterres, who has spoken out in favor of“ doing everything possible to avoid the economic collapse ”, finding ways“ without breaking international laws or ” compromise the principles. “

As for the Taliban, “since taking office, they have repeatedly made promises to Afghan citizens, including women, children, minority communities and former government employees, that they will protect their rights,” adding that they are a “central” element of their fundamental rights.

“I am particularly concerned that the Taliban’s promises to Afghan women and girls are being broken,” complained the Secretary General, because “broken promises lead to broken dreams for Afghan women,” he made a “strong appeal” to accept their promises keep.

Finally, Guterres warned that “this is a crucial moment” and “if we don’t act and help Afghans weather this storm, and we do it soon, not only they but the world will pay a heavy price.” ” “.

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