Guinea’s military junta announces the adoption of a transitional charter

After the coup d’état of 5th, a transitional government and a national transitional council, whose members will not be able to present themselves at the next elections.

The letter confirms the chairman of the National Committee for Reconciliation and Development (CNRD) – the official name of the board of directors – Colonel Mamady Dumbuya, as interim president and the CNRD as one of the bodies that will lead this process.

Guinea’s military junta announces the adoption of a transitional charter
Guinea’s military junta announces the adoption of a transitional charter

In addition, it announces the formation of a government led by a civilian prime minister and whose members will be appointed on the proposal of the head of government of Dumbuya, reports the Guinean medium “Guinee News”.

The transitional charter also provides for the formation of a National Transitional Council (CNT), which will act as parliament, prepare the new constitution, which will be submitted to a referendum and consists of 81 people – at least 30 percent women – from political parties, professional associations, religious groups and civil society.

In this context it says that “members of the government and institutions that were dissolved on September 5th cannot be appointed to the National Transitional Council”.

Likewise, the members of the government and the CNT will not be able to participate in the next elections, which will have to take place first at the local and then at the national level, which marks the end of the transition, the document also says.

On the other hand, the charter indicates that the duration of the transition will be determined by mutual agreement between the CNRD and the “vital” forces of the nation.

The military junta has held discussions with the general public and the private sector over the past few weeks on the preparation of this document, which is intended to serve as a framework for the transitional government.


With this in mind, Guinea’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Aly Diane, assured the UN General Assembly this Monday that the aim of the military junta was to form a government of “national unity” so that elections were “free, fair and “to be held generally accepted”.

According to Diane on behalf of Dumbuya, the consultation round organized by the CNRD “gives hope” and will allow “the development of a roadmap for transition” which will include “the electoral census review” and “the writing of a new constitution” in addition to the government and the elections. .

Diane reiterated the Board’s “commitment” to the “international community” and stressed that she had taken steps “to alleviate the socio-political and economic situation in the country,” including the release of people who participated in opposition demonstrations or the reopening were arrested by air, land and sea transport services “to ensure the free movement of people and goods”.

“In order not to leave anyone behind, the CNRD has invited the Guinean diaspora, wherever they may be, to make their contribution to building sustainable institutions,” he also said.

He stressed that in this phase of the “reconstruction” of the country, the new authorities are asking for the support of all bilateral and multilateral partners “in order to make Guinea a real rule of law”.

A few weeks ago, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) imposed sanctions on the leaders of the Guinean military junta and called for a return to constitutional order within a maximum of six months. He also called for the “immediate” release of the former president of the country Alpha Condé, who was arrested by the coup plotters.

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