Guillermo Lasso takes office as the new President of Ecuador

Guillermo Lasso was inaugurated as President of Ecuador on Monday in a ceremony that received the President’s Sash and was attended by 400 guests, including international figures such as King Felipe VI. Or the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

“Yes, I swear,” said Lasso at the center of the act, standing on a crutch. Alfredo Borrero Vega, Lasso’s companion in the elections on February 7th and April 11th, has also sworn in his office, this time as Vice President. On this last day, Lasso Correista beat Andrés Arauz.

After the inauguration, the outgoing President Lenín Moreno left the National Assembly and greeted numerous personalities in a symbolic gesture of transfer of power. Then Lasso himself turned to the meeting, visibly moved.

Guillermo Lasso takes office as the new President of Ecuador
Guillermo Lasso takes office as the new President of Ecuador

“It is a day of remembrance, but above all of renewal by the government that was born today and has a responsibility to lead Ecuador into a new century of Ecuadorian republicanism,” he said. “We were not up to the sacrifice of the Battle of Pichincha” and emphasized the high unemployment, corruption and the shortcomings in the fight against the pandemic, he stressed.

“Our rulers have let us down (…) They betrayed our founding principles,” Lasso riveted. “All this ends on May 24th (…) The era of the caudillos ends”, he assured in a veiled reference to Rafael Correa and after “ten years of authoritarianism” he promised a “fight to restore the democratic soul of our country” ” .

“We will rule for everyone. This means not to rule in favor of a privileged sector, but against anyone (…). The political persecution in Ecuador is over,” he promised.

The ceremony was presided over by the President of the Ecuadorian National Assembly, Guadalupe Llori, who recalled that on May 24, 199 years had passed since the Battle of Pichincha in 1822, in which the Independents won a decisive victory that the The capture of Quito and Quito made possible. The region was constituted today as Ecuador.

“Today is a day of historic celebration because it is the day of independence for Ecuador, the day of freedom and the sovereign republic. But it is also a historic day because after more than a decade of freedom and democracy we are breathing a change of command,” said Llori, a member of the Pachakutik indigenous party.

Lasso attended a mass celebrated in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Quito prior to the inauguration.

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