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Guide to get the most out of Google Meet

May 28, 2020

Simply have a free Google Account or create one when you use the tool. Use it to do yours during this social distancing.

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Guide to get the most out of Google MeetGuide to get the most out of Google Meet

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Google recently announced the expansion of access to Google Meet, Google’s premium video conferencing solution, freely available to all users to make communication and collaboration more secure, easier, and more accessible.

This means anyone with an email address can start or participate in high quality, secure video conferencing regardless of whether they’re a G Suite user or not. Simply have a free Google Account or create one when you use the tool. If you already have a Google account (e.g. if you are a @ user), you can start at as mentioned below. If you don’t have a free Google Account, it only takes a minute to create an account with a personal or business email address of your choice (we need this step as a security measure and we only need to do it once).

How do I change the screen layout during a meeting?

During a Meet video call, you may find that the platform automatically changes the layout based on content and active participants.

But did you know that you can choose between different screen designs to better suit your needs? These are:

  • Sidebar: The active speaker or presentation is shown with other participants on one page.
  • Focus: The presentation or the active speaker occupies the entire window.
  • Mosaic: If there is no presentation, up to 16 people are shown on the screen. When a presentation takes place, it is displayed in a large field with the most active participants on one page.

To change the screen layout while attending a meeting, go to the lower right corner of the meeting screen and click More. Then choose Change Layout and choose the layout you like best.

How do I pin, mute, or remove attendees from Google Meet?

When you join a Google Meet meeting, you can choose a participant to mute, pin, or remove. In school accounts, only the meeting creator or owner can mute or remove participants from the video call.

Hire participants: To set a person’s video as the main picture on the screen, go to their thumbnail and click Set.

Remove participants: If necessary, the creator or owner of the video call can exclude a participant. To do this, you need to find people in the top right corner of the screen. Hover over the person you want to remove, and then click the back arrow. Finally, press Remove.

Mute participants: For example, if you hear echo or background noise during a video call, you can mute the microphone of the participants you want. To do this, hover over the volume icon next to the thumbnail of the participant you want to mute and click Mute.

How is content displayed during a video call?

During a meeting, you can share your full screen mode or a specific window to view the remaining documents, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. of the participants.

Show your screen during a meeting: While a Meet video call is in progress, you can share what’s happening on your screen by going to the lower right corner and selecting Show My Screen. There you can choose whether you want to share the entire screen, a window or a Chrome tab. Finally, click on Share.

Just click to stop your screen from appearing Stop displaying the screen.

How do I use subtitles in a video call? (This function is only available in English.

The subtitle feature allows you to view the conversation in writing on your screen so you can more easily see what is said during video calls. To activate it, go to the bottom right of the Meet window and click Activate Subtitles. Repeat this process to deactivate it.

This is an advanced feature that the account administrator must enable. To find out how, click here.