Gucci launches its NFT: virtual tennis shoes for 244 pesos

Why do people buy things that they will never wear or can never wear in real life? The Gucci fashion house is launching some Augmented Reality (AR) tennis shoes as non-consumable NFT tokens. This should always be one step ahead of the trends in virtual reality.

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Basically, it’s a filter that you use with your smartphone to indicate that you are using it using Augmented Reality (AR).

Gucci launches its NFT: virtual tennis shoes for 244 pesos
Gucci launches its NFT: virtual tennis shoes for 244 pesos

In accordance with Business of fashionTo achieve this, Gucci partnered with the fashion technology company Do you want?, known for manipulating augmented reality and creating three-dimensional models that can be used for digital shoes and even watches.

Wanna, worked with before Reebok, puma Y. Snapchat to test the consumer’s reaction when trying on clothes virtually.

It’s not the first time for the luxury clothing brand that it has ventured into something similar. On other occasions, he has designed virtual clothing items for the game Drest, Sims 4 and even Pokemon goas well as the infallible game Roblox. But they are not the only ones who have Louis Vuitton, also entered the business by designing masks for League of Legends in 2019.

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In this way, Gucci hopes to reach Generation Z, who know the technology but can’t yet afford a physical product. Digital footwear is worth almost $ 9 in the app Do you want?and in Gucci they’re worth almost $ 12 (244 Mexican pesos). Why such an “affordable” price? The brand wants to (virtually) reach a wider audience. If someone can’t afford real tennis shoes, they do it digitally.

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This is different from what many others have tried with NFTs, which have surprisingly high value. Additionally, the luxury company wants to leave them at that value so that the same consumers can exchange them. However, they are working to ensure that this product increases its commercial value once it is launched.

The interest in the NFTs is not just the interest of the artists or Elon Musk, but the brands are expanding. Non-fungible tokens have attracted surprising numbers at auctions in the past few weeks. Even Do you want CEO Segey Arkhangelskiysaid in a statement that NFT and AR technology will continue to grow very rapidly. He predicts that within 5 to 10 years, a large portion of luxury brand sales will be generated with digital products.

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The Italian brand is experimenting in the virtual market and while technically not an NFT, it is a product that only exists on the internet. So we wondered if you’d pay for luxury shoes only available on your phone. And does the virtual become real somehow?

Let’s say what you think. Would you buy them to dress digitally?

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