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Guaidó representatives travel to the US amid the pause in talks with the Government of Venezuela

August 20, 2019

CARACAS, Aug 20 (Reuters / EP) –

Delegates of the Venezuelan opposition that are part of the dialogue table with the Government travel this week to the United States to meet with authorities of that country, in the middle of a pause of the talks, as reported four sources on Monday.

Opponents would review with the US authorities the points discussed so far in the dialogue, including issues such as possible presidential elections in the future, as indicated by the sources, of which three are opponents and a supporter of 'Chavismo'.

In May, the Government and the opposition of Venezuela initiated an approach to overcome the political crisis that the South American nation is going through.

However, those contacts were suspended by the Administration of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro two weeks ago after a new executive order from the US president, Donald Trump, which freezes the assets of the Venezuelan Government in the country.

During the weeks in which meetings were held between the representatives of Maduro and the president of the National Assembly, the opponent Juan Guaidó, on the island of Barbados, considered to hold a presidential election, according to the sources.

The opposition presented at the table an agreement for the elections to be held after changing the electoral and judicial powers and in a period of nine months.

The ruling party would have accepted the proposal, but with a period of 12 months, with Maduro as a candidate and with the lifting of the sanctions imposed by Washington, as one of the sources has underlined.

The authorities in the United States would agree with the holding of elections, but without Maduro as a candidate, which would be a point of discussion, according to two of the sources consulted.

Last week a delegation from the Norwegian Government was in Venezuela to meet separately with the parties and try to reestablish the dialogue. However, there is still no date to resume the dialogues because the Government does not give answers.