Guaid ó says “not all manifestations are hundreds of thousands”

The “interim president” says he is not worried “at all” about the low participation and has called to continue on the streets


The “interim president” of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, said on Tuesday that “not all (the demonstrations) have the same level of participation”, after being asked about the marches convened by the opposition in recent days.

“Not all calls are for hundreds of thousands, nor are all calls for two or three. There are assemblies, there are protests, there are blockades (blockages), there are seedlings and there are marches,” said the president of the National Assembly to the means at the exit of Parliament.

Guaid ó says “not all manifestations are hundreds of thousands”
Guaid ó says “not all manifestations are hundreds of thousands”

In this regard, he has indicated that “the protest mechanism will continue to be the strategy to pressure the dictatorship” and stressed that he is not worried “at all” about the low participation of citizens in the protest last Monday, because he is sure of the “desire for change of people”.

“It is our turn and we must not leave those who protest alone. Let us accompany all the unions that raise their voice for a better Venezuela,” he added.

Guaidó has also informed that on December 3 a new meeting of the consultation body of the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR) will be held, in which member countries will share information to establish new pressure measures against the Government of Nicolás Maduro .

Although the participation has not been as expected, both the opposition and the student leadership have been optimistic and have assured that they will continue with the demonstrations.

The opposition reactivated the demonstrations on November 16 in different states of the country, while Guaidó asked to “join in a permanent protest.”

The Venezuelan crisis worsened on January 10, when Maduro decided to start a second six-year term that does not recognize the opposition or much of the international community because they believe that the presidential elections of May 20, 2018 were a fraud.

In response, Guaidó proclaimed himself interim president on January 23 with the aim of ceasing “usurpation”, creating a transitional government and holding “free elections.” It has been recognized by the United States, numerous Latin American countries, as well as several Europeans, including Spain.

Meanwhile, more than four million Venezuelans have left the country in recent years because of the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. The United Nations has warned that, if the trend continues, by the end of 2019 they could add more than five million.

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