Guaid ó says he has “the best relations” with Spain and asks the EU for more sanctions against Maduro

El líder opositor y autoproclamado presidente de Venezuela, Juan Guaidó

The opposition leader and self-proclaimed president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó – Pedro Rances Mattey / dpa


The president of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, assured on Wednesday to have “the best relations” with Spain despite the fact that the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has not planned to receive him these days, while he has trusted “arrange agendas” during their European tour with leaders and ministers of the EU countries to achieve a “determined action”, also with more sanctions, to help recover democracy in Venezuela.

Guaid ó says he has “the best relations” with Spain and asks the EU for more sanctions against Maduro
Guaid ó says he has “the best relations” with Spain and asks the EU for more sanctions against Maduro

“We have the best relations with Spain,” Guaidó has simply said when asked about the fact that it is the Spanish Foreign Minister, Arancha González Laya, and not Sánchez who plans to receive him in Spain.

The self-proclaimed “president in charge” of Venezuela has thus avoided responding to whether he believes that the entry of Unidos Podemos in the Coalition Government has been able to influence the way in which Sánchez's Executive will receive him.

Guaidó, whom the European Union sees as the representative of the only institution democratically elected in the country, met on Wednesday in Brussels with the head of European diplomacy, the Spanish Josep Borrell, and with MEPs of the main political groups to request greater pressure from the European Union against the regime of Nicolás Maduro.

In a press conference at the headquarters of the European Parliament accompanied by MEPs of the PP, PSOE, Citizens and Vox, Guaidó has defended that the time has come to “take action” and coordinate efforts with the European Union, whom he thanked the support to try to “put an end” to the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro, whose regime has said that “he exercises power in a sadistic manner”.

“There is no divided country, there is a unified country around achieving freedom and democracy. It is not an ideological problem as the dictatorship has wanted to see,” Guaidó said from Brussels, and then asked the EU for more pressure against a dictatorship that has been allowed to advance for years.

Thus, it has requested that gold that is extracted “illegally” be characterized as “blood gold” in order to avoid serving to finance repression and organized crime and has also insisted on the need to “improve and profile” the sanctions regime against the accomplices of repression.

In addition, he has alerted the humanitarian crisis and asked for help to “heal the wounds resulting from the dictatorship” and a commitment to “not allow evil to be banalized.” He has also had words of thanks to neighboring countries that, like Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, receive millions of refugees.

The vice president of the European Parliament responsible for relations with Latin America, the Czech liberal Dita Charanzová, has received Guaidó upon arrival at the headquarters of the Eurocamara, where she has also had the opportunity to meet bilaterally with Spanish MEPs of the main groups: Popular Party, PSOE, Citizens and Vox.

United We, meanwhile, has not joined the reception of Guaidó in the Eurocamara because they believe that the support for the president of the National Assembly of Venezuela by the EU means “delving deeper into the crisis” of the country because it only receives one of the parties, instead of “facilitating contacts” between the Government and the opposition, has expressed through a statement Manuel Pineda.

“It has been exciting to be able to give him a hug at the headquarters of European democracy, I have congratulated him on his fight. The heart of all Europeans fights with him,” said the vice president of the PPE and MEP of the PP, Esteban González Pons, to support Guaidó.

The socialist Javi López, meanwhile, stressed that “the only way out of the serious humanitarian crisis is one that ends free and fair elections after a negotiation process with all parties.”

From Citizens, the leader of the delegation in the Eurocamara, Luis Garicano, has assured that they will do “everything possible so that their cause receives the support and attention of the Europeans”, so he has advanced that he will ask that he be invited to express himself in the plenary of the Eurocamara.

Vox MEP Jorge Buxadé, meanwhile, has transferred to the Venezuelan politician the “firm commitment to the democratic revolution that Hispanic America needs.”


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