Guaid ó returns to “reach out” to the Armed Forces after its international tour: “The transition is inevitable”

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The self-proclaimed “president in charge” of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó – Juan Carlos Hernandez / ZUMA Wire / DPA – Archive


The self-proclaimed “president in charge” of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, has once again reiterated his call to the Armed Forces to drop the Government of Nicolás Maduro, ensuring that “the transition is inevitable.”

Guaid ó returns to “reach out” to the Armed Forces after its international tour: “The transition is inevitable”
Guaid ó returns to “reach out” to the Armed Forces after its international tour: “The transition is inevitable”

Guaidó wanted to send a message to the Venezuelan military after “the successful international tour” that he undertook on January 19 and concluded on February 11 after visiting Colombia, the United Kingdom, Brussels, Davos, France, Spain, Canada and the United States.

“Military of Venezuela: The transition is inevitable. We have the support of the world. The dictatorship has deceived them once again,” said Guaidó, according to the official note, issued by the National Communication Center, which acts as an office Press release of the “president in charge”.

According to Guaidó, Maduro “has sold within the barracks a fantasy to try to calm the immense internal discomfort that exists in the military institution,” trying “to make them believe that international pressure is going to go down” because “the international community has already tired “.

According to the president of the National Assembly, the tenant of the Miraflores Palace has made the uniformed believe “even that he himself would be establishing some kind of negotiation with the United States and the European Union.”

“However, the reality has been evidenced in this important international tour: the dictatorship is in complete isolation from the world and will not be able to rebuild its relationship with the countries that day by day join the Venezuelan cause,” he said.

In this regard, he pointed out that “while the Maduro regime shouted assuring that it would count on the governments of the world and the European Union for a new electoral farce,” the community bloc has ratified that “the Venezuelan crisis would go through execution. of free elections. ”

He also wanted to highlight “the unanimous support of US institutions,” including US President Donald Trump, who “sent a forceful message from Maduro: The dictatorship will be crushed and they will not stop working until they reach freedom.”

Guaido has considered that this international tour has shown that “only the legitimate government has the power and confidence of the international community to lead and rebuild Venezuela.”

“Therefore, it is the legitimate Government who has the power to offer a future and true guarantees to the Armed Forces,” he said, adding that “the dictatorship only offers crisis and instability.”

Guaidó has addressed “the patriotic military,” to whom he has expressed his “solidarity and support” and has asked for his support “to return his progress, stability, welfare, sovereignty and freedom to Venezuela.” He has also appealed to the high command, to which he stressed that “the transition is inevitable”.

“It is up to you that this transition is the least traumatic for all of Venezuela, its future and that of the military family,” he said. “I extend my hand once again, seriously, so that together we can build a Venezuela for all … We are on time,” he insisted.

Since “president in charge” proclaimed himself on January 23, 2019, Guaidó has repeatedly appealed to the military to put Maduro aside. In the 'Operation Freedom' of April 30, he managed to get some uniformed deserted but the dome and the vast majority continue with the 'Chavismo'.

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