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Guaid oacute ;, after renewing as “president in charge”: “It’s time to get up, you have to conquer Venezuela”

January 8, 2020


The self-proclaimed “president in charge” of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, said Tuesday after taking office for a second term and renewing the post of head of the National Assembly (AN) that “it is time to get up” to face the ” dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro “and” conquer Venezuela “.

“You have to go to the street to demand, protest, claim, to conquer Venezuela. Everyone, to beat the dictatorship, all sectors. Don't just wait for the president in charge or the National Assembly to summon it, (…) all we must fight for our future, for our children, our children, “he said during a speech broadcast on the VPItv television network.

Guaid  oacute ;, after renewing as “president in charge”: “It’s time to get up, you have to conquer Venezuela”Guaid oacute ;, after renewing as “president in charge”: “It’s time to get up, you have to conquer Venezuela”

Guaidó, who has insisted that “it is time” to face the current situation that the country is going through, has once again condemned the performance of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) during the voting session on January 5 in the Legislative Palace.

“We have seen what happened in the last three days: assaulting Parliament, militarizing it, not allowing the entry of its deputies, not allowing and hitting journalists. (…) We have seen that they have no scruples,” he said.

In this sense, he has indicated that he has “a request for the people of Venezuela: We cannot do it alone, and I understand the frustrations, the pain of not having achieved it today (ending Maduro's government), but let's be together in this, Venezuela “.

“We believe that we can heal the wounds, that we can see the future,” he said. “With the countries that support us we are not alone, we are together, breastfeeding, because today we have a cause that is our country, to recover normalcy. Because it is fair. It is not the Armed Forces that decides who enters Parliament or not It is the Venezuelans who decide who enters, “he said.

Thus, he has alluded to the Constitution of the country and insisted that it is the “vote”. “The military power obeys the civil power,” said the opposition leader, who has announced that he will appoint an ad hoc board for the National Telecommunications Commission of Venezuela so that this body is not used as a means of censorship of the regime. and has appealed to the Minister of Defense, Vladimir Padrino, to an urgent meeting to explain the role played by the Armed Forces in the last three days before the Federal Legislative Palace.

“That one thing is clear: there is only one Parliament and only one installation session, only one legislative branch in Venezuela and only one president in charge,” he continued.

Guaidó has taken the opportunity to reaffirm that he has “taken control of the Venezuelan Parliament” and stressed that he has managed to “assert the will of Venezuela.”

“I am seeing a second chance for Venezuela … and we know what we have to do. It is hard, it is sacrificed, I know, I know that at times you are wondering what else the dictatorship will do … but we have the obligation and the right to continue fighting, “he clarified.

In relation to the Government of Maduro, he stressed that “there are a few trying to maintain what is unsustainable.” “We will continue to push until freedom is achieved throughout Venezuela,” said Guaidó, who has called on the population to go out on the street on Saturday and go to the AN on Tuesday.

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