Guaidó accuses the Government of “trying to distract Venezuelans”: “The proposal is very clear”


The self-proclaimed “president in charge” of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, on Tuesday accused the Executive of Nicolás Maduro of “trying to distract Venezuelans” with the dialogue agreement reached with minority opposition parties, insisting on the formation of a government of transition and the holding of presidential elections as the only solution.

Guaidó has reproached the Government of Maduro for “taking a picture without even the main actors of each of the parties that were there” to launch a new mechanism that, in the opinion of the opposition leader, “will simply prolong the suffering “of the Venezuelans.

Guaidó accuses the Government of “trying to distract Venezuelans”: “The proposal is very clear”
Guaidó accuses the Government of “trying to distract Venezuelans”: “The proposal is very clear”

On the other hand, he has defended the proposal he made to ‘Chavismo’ in the Oslo and Barbados talks and which, as he revealed on Monday, implies the formation of a transitional government of which neither of them is a part to guide the country to a “real” presidential elections with a renewed National Council (CNE) and vetoes to opposition parties and leaders.

“I think the proposal is very clear,” he told reporters upon his arrival at the National Assembly, disregarding the alternative proposed by the Government, arguing that “he is not looking for more than trying to distract (the attention that) Venezuelans are in a complex humanitarian emergency. ”

In this regard, Guaidó has celebrated that “if the regime wanted to confuse someone, the European Union stepped out very early.” The EU has warned Maduro on Tuesday that any negotiation with the opposition to resolve the crisis in Venezuela requires “the necessary political representation.”

“The only legitimate power recognized by the world is this National Assembly,” he proclaimed. Parliament is preparing to discuss on Tuesday “the political route” proposed in Oslo and Barbados “against the blockade of solutions by the regime.”

The Government and Advanced Progressive (AP), Movement To Socialism (MAS), Solutions for Venezuela (SPV) and Cambiemos announced on Monday an agreement to resume the dialogue in Venezuela that already includes concrete pacts for the ‘Chavista’ deputies to return to Parliament and to renew CNE with a view to new elections.

As reported by the Minister of Information, Jorge Rodríguez, the reinstatement of the PSUV deputies and their allies will be immediate. The official press has indicated that it would take place this Tuesday, although it is not clear how it would be done, since for the ‘Chavismo’ the National Assembly is in “contempt.”

The four signatories are small parties that became part of the opposition coalition of the Democratic Unity Mesa (MUD) and broke up with it due to internal disagreements. The Advanced Progressive of Henri Falcón, former ‘Chavista’ who left Maduro and returned as an independent candidate in the 2018 elections, not recognized by the MUD or by much of the international community, stands out.

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