Guaid ó accuses Maduro’s “dictatorship” of trying to “annihilate” the voice of the National Assembly

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The self-proclaimed “president in charge” of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó – REUTERS / CARLOS GARCIA RAWLINS


The self-proclaimed “president in charge” of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, on Tuesday accused the “dictatorship” of Nicolás Maduro of trying to “annihilate” all dissenting voices, including that of the National Assembly, following the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) to prosecute four opposition deputies for alleged corruption.

Guaid ó accuses Maduro’s “dictatorship” of trying to “annihilate” the voice of the National Assembly
Guaid ó accuses Maduro’s “dictatorship” of trying to “annihilate” the voice of the National Assembly

What is in Venezuela “is not a government in dispute, it is a dictatorship that has systematically sought to annihilate any dissenting voice, that of journalists, trade unionists and politicians” and that of the National Assembly, Guaidó denounced in press statements since the Legislative headquarters

The opposition leader has emphasized Maduro's alleged efforts to “physically annihilate the opposition,” stating the cases of Councilman Fernando Albán and Captain Rafael Acosta, both killed in the custody of the security forces.

Guaidó has considered that the last judicial decision of 'Chavismo' “is a simple parapet” to “try to make up” the reality of Venezuela, “the most violent country in the world, with the worst inflation on planet Earth in the last 20 years, the destruction of the productive apparatus and the usurpation of Miraflores “.

The president of the National Assembly has accused Maduro of “dismantling” and “kidnapping each of the parts of the State” to create “a parastate” that allows him to “simply keep usurping functions.” “The State must serve the citizen … it must protect each one of us who are here and anywhere in the world,” he said.

So, the “good news” for Guaidó is that 'Chavismo' has failed to silence the Venezuelan opposition. “We remain firm despite reprisals,” he said.


The TSJ ordered Monday to prosecute four opposition deputies for the alleged “corrupt plot” in the National Assembly, thus accessing the request made last week by the attorney general, Tarek William Saab. After that, the Constituent Assembly, a 'Chavista' body, withdrew their parliamentary immunity so that the process could begin.

The news portal Armando.Info uncovered in November an alleged corrupt network in food distribution through the government CLAP program in which at least eight opposition deputies would be involved.

Guaidó has created a special commission to investigate what happened. “It is inadmissible not to do our part: investigate, determine the facts and responsibilities,” he said then.

With these four deputies, there are already 19 opposition parliamentarians accused by the TSJ since April 30, when Guaidó kicked off the 'Operation Freedom' with a view to removing Maduro from power with the support of a part of the estate military.


On the other hand, Guaidó has referred to the presence of Russian and Cuban military in Venezuela, appealing directly to the Armed Forces to ask them “what would the liberator (Simón) Bolívar do”, just when the 189th anniversary of his death.

Guaidó has denounced that “there are Russian planes in Venezuela”, recalling the usual presence of Cuban military personnel in Venezuelan institutions, so “the exercise of sovereignty is compromised.”

“We expect the same international commotion for the presence of any military, Russian or Cuban, because we have said that Venezuelans can and will solve this crisis,” he said.

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