Grupo Avícola Rujamar integrates blockchain technology into its supply chain

The Grupo Avícola Rujamar announced on its official website the inclusion of blockchain technology in its processes. with the intention of adding value to your supply chain. The statement said that Rubén Martínez, general manager of the cage-free egg producer, has started to include this technology in the ecological range of his own brand ‘Rujamar’ and in sizes M and L, a line that he produces himself Legend in Honrubia ( Cuenca) with around 120,000 laying hens.

The project, with an expected implementation time of around four months, was developed by technology partner Trace Food Alimenticia and will absorb a global investment of 235,000 euros between software and hardware, adaptation of laser printers and new devices.

Grupo Avícola Rujamar is an agro-food industry that operates as livestock in the poultry sector in the municipality of San Lorenzo de la Parrilla in the Spanish province of Cuenca.

Blockchain technology in the entire range

Grupo Avícola Rujamar integrates blockchain technology into its supply chain
Grupo Avícola Rujamar integrates blockchain technology into its supply chain

Rujamar’s digitization plan is now to expand blockchain technology to the rest of the farms and product offerings, starting with the core of Saelices (Cuenca), which is dedicated to the production of free-range eggs. And later, at the end of this year 2021, in San Lorenzo de la Parrilla (Cuenca), specializing in soil production.

Likewise, it is important to remember that in 2019 Rujamar completed the conversion of all its productive tissues to a cage-free model with a park of 1.2 million chickens in the wild.

“The code is generated with each batch of product and printed at the same time. The productive and informative data that you would like to transfer to the customer linked to this batch were entered beforehand. Each of them has its own QR code, which is changed according to the ship and the date of commissioning. It’s an incredible step forward. It’s a very good solution for traceability, food safety and providing consumer information that never comes out of the label. “, Rubén Martínez stated in the statement.

In 2002 Rujamar became a dynamic, modern and young company dedicated to its customers through the expansion of the shift shifts and the incorporation of the feed factory, the new sorting center and the rearing warehouse.

On the other hand, besides eliminating cage egg production, their main goal is to completely eliminate plastics in all of their processes and facilities thanks to the innovative implementation of 100% biodegradable recycled cardboard packaging. The company is committed to reducing 1,000 tons of plastic.

A sustainable farm

As of June 30, 2018, the cage removal process has been completed in all facilities. Since then, Grupo Avícola Rujamar has been producing 100% cage-free and is the first national poultry company to completely remove cages from its production model.

In this sense, Grupo Avícola Rujamar not only have the most modern facilities and adapted technology, but also contribute to the privileged environment in which the farm is located.

Rujamar returns to revolutionize the laying market in Spain after taking the lead in industrial conversion and the reduction of plastic in this sector by eliminating all PET containers, labels and shrink bags. Just like the use of blockchain technology to improve processes in the supply chain.

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