Grumpy Cat Meme Coin Raises $ 70,000 for Shelters

The community behind the cryptocurrency Grumpy Cat Coin (GRUMPY) donated 39 ETH worth almost $ 70,000 to the Sterling Animal Shelter in Massachusetts. (Due to the fluctuation in GRUMPY price, that’s about $ 10,000 less than estimated in their social post below.)

The coin is based on Tardar Sauce, the famous internet cat famous for their always grumpy appearance. On the project website, The team states that their goal is “to make successful efforts for all members of our community as well as the world by giving back”.

The coin appeared on Uniswap this month and GRUMPY was added to CoinGecko on March 16. The price rose 1000%, increasing the market cap from $ 5 million to $ 50 million. On March 17th, the company had a trading volume of more than $ 18 million. The price is currently at $ 0.00000050, 30% less than its historical maximum two days ago. It may not seem like such a high price tag, but the total supply is 1 billion, with an excellent supply of 450 billion.

Grumpy Cat Meme Coin Raises $ 70,000 for Shelters
Grumpy Cat Meme Coin Raises $ 70,000 for Shelters

$ GRUMPY holders can earn 1% commission rewards that are applied to all transactions and instantly passed on to all coin holders. The cryptocurrency’s charitable work is mainly focused on helping animal shelters. The donation to the Sterling animal shelter is the first fundraising campaign that has been carried out so far.

In addition to being a cryptocurrency, Grumpy Cat is also an NFT this month. The self-described “Worst NFT Ever” shows a photo of Tardar Sauce and on March 13th achieved 44 ETH worth around 78,000 US dollars on the NFT Foundation market.

The community-driven project contains elements similar to the Dogecoin community, which launched the non-profit foundation Dogecoin in 2014.

Doge is slowly starting to shake off the perception of a meme coin as it has gained serious momentum since Elon Musk and Mark Cuban publicly endorsing it. The Cuban Dallas Mavericks are now accepting Doge as a form of payment for tickets and goods, and expect a price range of $ 1 in the future.

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