Growing up in the Soviet Union taught this founder to be resourceful

Finding the opportunities within the limitations, he learned to create his own success.

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Growing up in the Soviet Union taught this founder to be resourceful
Growing up in the Soviet Union taught this founder to be resourceful

I grew up in the Soviet Union , at a time of political and economic turmoil. My parents didn't have much money, so my childhood was full of inheritance. I inherited my older brothers' old books, their clothes, their pants, even their socks, the kind of woven socks that help you stay warm in the cold winter. I had a few dolls that I adored, although we couldn't afford to buy them new dresses. So I used my brothers' clothes for something different: I cut them and made clothes for my dolls with them. It took me years to realize what I had really done. Not only was I wearing a doll, I was teaching myself to find the potential in things that others overlooked.

A decade ago, I left Russia determined to do more than get married, which was the cultural expectation of my old world. Instead, I wanted to continue unlocking potential. I studied economics and marketing at the university, I moved to New York to work on Wall Street , I left it to start my own marketing and advertising agency, and a few years later I sold the agency. That gave me enough money to become an investor, and I decided it was time to unlock the potential of others. In 2015, I launched an accelerator and venture capital firm called, specifically dedicated to helping foreign founders. Then I made it to raise awareness about the challenges facing foreign founders, as well as a fintech company, to help more entrepreneurs like me to grow their businesses profitably.

A few years ago, I traveled back to Russia to visit my family. My youngest daughter traveled with me, and found my dolls … even with those dresses that I made of old pants and socks. My daughter could not believe her eyes. So I explained why they were dressed like this, and I told him about how ingenious I had to be when I was a child. Those were the moments, however glamorous they may seem, that helped me develop my business muscles. Seeing and hearing my story, she also had a new perspective: she realized that she can create anything she wants.

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