GreenMomentum launches call for Mexican innovators who want to help the planet

Through X Challenge, the company invites entrepreneurs to develop and present solutions to climate change.

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GreenMomentum, intelligence and innovation firm,   announced the launch of the X Challenge 2020 call, the sustainable innovation challenge that seeks proposals to mitigate the effects of climate change, with a focus on plastic, glass and food waste, clean energy, sustainable mobility and water.

GreenMomentum launches call for Mexican innovators who want to help the planet
GreenMomentum launches call for Mexican innovators who want to help the planet

X Challenge is an open process of ideation and modeling of solutions to the big problems that affect Mexico and Latin America. With a focus on circular economy and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, it seeks to accompany Mexican innovators in the development, adaptation and scaling of commercial solutions that allow the reduction of plastic and food waste, as well as the mitigation of polluting emissions to from power generation and transportation. Similarly, in its 2020 edition, it also seeks solutions that maximize the efficiency of water treatment, consumption and storage in Mexico.

“This year we are looking more emphatically for technological, and commercially viable, solutions to climate change. Since the publication of the report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the problem has become more relevant, giving us a new sense of urgency, if we want to avoid a temperature increase of more than 1.5º centigrade. For this reason, X Challenge, with the support of its allies and sponsors, will focus on identifying these solutions, in this way, supporting their development and commercialization, and thus contributing to Mexico meeting its waste reduction and mitigation objectives, “said Luis Aguirre-Torres, President and CEO of GreenMomentum.

The challenge seeks to support Mexico in complying with international commitments to reduce emissions, thus contributing to solving the climate emergency the world is going through. In this year's edition, it aims to promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the main source of global warming, seeking to reduce in this way the probability of a global increase in temperature greater than 1.5º centigrade.

The call extends to Mexican innovators seeking to develop or scale technological solutions that contribute to the aforementioned causes. This includes recently created projects, in the commercial or demonstration stage, and that have a commercial strategy for their expansion. To know the bases, you must enter the X Challenge page .

This initiative consists of two stages: Xploration Camps and Advanced Capstone Program. The first consists of two days of intensive work for business ideation and modeling, through the integration of knowledge, technologies and talent to generate viable solutions to specific problems; This stage is about eight Xploration Camps in seven cities of the Mexican Republic.

Those selected from each camp are invited to participate in the second stage , in which the commercialization strategies of the proposed solutions are developed. For three days in Mexico City, participants must demonstrate technological and commercial viability before the panel of juries made up of representatives of the companies that support this challenge. These will choose the best 10 proposals from all over the country, with the potential to be recognized by GreenMomentum with a cash prize of 200 thousand pesos, as well as receiving special prizes and recognitions from allies and X Challenge sponsors.

Winners will also be invited to participate in Breakthrough PDX, the personalized support program for scaling and marketing solutions.

To participate you must enter the official site of the event . The call will be open until April 20, 2020.

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