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Government of Venezuela says the country lives “the last throes of the dark adventure” of Guaid ó

December 3, 2019
El portavoz del Gobierno de Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez.

The spokesman for the Government of Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez. – AVN – Archive

Denounces ties of Guaidó with the drug group Los Rastrojos and bets on parliamentary elections in 2020 with observers


The Vice President of Communication, Tourism and Commerce of the Government of Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, said on Tuesday that the country is living “the last rales” of the “dark adventure” that, in his opinion, starred the president of the Venezuelan National Assembly , Juan Guaidó, since he declared himself president of the country in January 2019.

Government of Venezuela says the country lives “the last throes of the dark adventure” of Guaid óGovernment of Venezuela says the country lives “the last throes of the dark adventure” of Guaid ó

“These days we could define them as the corollary, the last rales of a dark adventure that began as we all know; brutally violating international law, the rights of peoples to sovereignty, to self-determination violating each of the letters that it contains this Constitution that the people of Venezuela approved on December 15, 1999, “Rodríguez said.

In an appearance before the press at the Venezuelan Embassy in Madrid, Rodríguez has linked Guaidó with the Colombian narco-paramilitary group Los Rastrojos for the photographs in which the Venezuelan opposition leader posed with several members of this organization and has denounced that Guaidó intended to yield to this group the control of the border with Colombia.

“Everything went wrong. Everything went in violation of the Constitution, of the laws, of International Law, of the same life,” he said, referring to Juan Guaidó's attempt to seize power in Venezuela.


In this regard, Rodriguez has appealed to European countries that have expressed their support for Guaidó as “president in charge” and have asked them to stop supporting the opposition leader and his attempt to overthrow the Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro. “Hopefully the countries of Europe begin to realize what the truth is,” he said.

The Vice President of Communication, Tourism and Culture of Venezuela has assured that Guaidó turned to “mercenaries” and “violent people” to burn the trucks with humanitarian aid that entered in February from the border with Colombia and has also affirmed that the opposition leader He turned to the four members of Los Rastrojos with whom he photographed and added “more than 1,500 murders.”

In this sense, Rodriguez has accused the president of the National Assembly of having appropriated for his own benefit and that of his followers of 400 million dollars of aid sent by the United States to support Maduro's departure “with a coup d'etat” and to pay “mercenaries and terrorists.”

He has also indicated that “a plot of gigantic corruption” is hidden behind Guaidó and has pointed out that even accusations of “corruption” against the president of the National Assembly have emerged from the ranks of his party and opposition deputies.

The Vice President of Communication, Culture and Tourism of Venezuela has criticized that Guaido wanted to establish himself as president of the National Assembly and “president in charge”, thus assuming the legislative and executive power as “a true dictator”, and has indicated which is a “lucky disaster” that Guaido has failed to seize power.


Looking ahead to 2020, he has affirmed that the Venezuelan Government is “working” in dialogue with the opposition to call a parliamentary election with a “renewal” of the electoral authorities and with “audit” mechanisms and has ensured that the Executive is willing to accept that the European Union, the UN and Spain, if they wish, participate as observers of the electoral process.

Given the question of whether the Government would accept that the Organization of American States (OAS) exercise as an observer in these elections, Rodriguez has made it clear that the Executive rejects the agency because it is not impartial or “multilateral” and only exists “to attack “to certain countries.

Specifically, he has censured that he has supported the “coup d'etat” that, in his opinion, ended the Presidency of Evo Morales in Bolivia and has indicated that “the opposition” of Venezuela does not want the OAS to participate as an observer in the elections Parliamentary

Rodriguez has called into question the figure of UNHCR and IOM of four million Venezuelans who have left the country in the last three years and said that if this flow of emigrants had been registered, they would have had to do “55,000 bus trips “to get all those people on the ground.

Regarding the Climate Summit held in Madrid (COP25), the Vice President of Communication, Culture and Tourism of Venezuela has emphasized that we must talk about “catastrophe”, “emergency” or “climate calamity” and has responsible for the current situation of the planet to “unlimited growth of capitalism”.

After recalling some of the phrases in the letter that Maduro has sent to the Heads of State and Government gathered at the COP25 in Madrid in favor of the fight against the “climatic emergency”, Rodriguez has underlined Venezuela's commitment in this matter and He has also assured that the country is “working to transform” its economic system.

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