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GOP to Host Giuliani, Lieberman

June 12, 2018
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Moderate former N.Y. mayor and former Dem. vice presidential nominee to address convention.

GOP to Host Giuliani, LiebermanGOP to Host Giuliani, Lieberman

(Washington Post — 22 August, 2008)
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A Republican official tells The Associated Press that Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman will be speaking at the Republican National Convention. (MSNBC — 21 August, 2008)
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Barack Obama’s newly minted running mate will be hitting the trail with the Democratic hopeful Saturday, a senior Obama adviser told The Associated Press on Tuesday. (MSNBC — 20 August, 2008)
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This is Veep Week. That, in reality, is about all that anyone outside Sen. Barack Obama’s inner, inner circle knows — that sometime before next week the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee will announce his running mate. Beyond that, the political world is in a zone of fevered speculation. (Washington Post — 20 August, 2008)
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In move aimed at shoring up his foreign policy credentials, Democratic candidate Barack Obama taps Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate.

(Washington Post — 9 hours ago)
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