Google’s International Workers Union

Google employees from around the world have formed a union called Alpha Global, which is joined by groups from ten countries and made up of 13 unions.

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Google’s International Workers Union
Google’s International Workers Union

The coalition called Alpha Global, consisting of about ten countries and composed of 13 professional associationsThe aim is to solve work problems and support a common strategy for negotiations with the company. The unions that includes are USA, Switzerland, Ireland, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Belgium.

However, you are a member of UNI Global Union, a trade union association that represents 20 million people worldwide, including Amazon employees.

According to what is explained on the website The edge, Alpha Global will not have a legally binding working agreement with Google. In the future, however, you have the option of putting pressure on the company to sign a neutrality agreement, the obligation of which is to support union attempts, although it is unlikely to do so Google Accept these terms.

This news comes out after workers earlier this month Google and the multinational alphabet the first of which is a subsidiary in US and Canada will form Alphabet Workers Union (AWU), A minority union that grew from 230 to over 700 members in the week after it was formed.

Issues that the organizers of the alliance intend to address include addressing national issues, international concerns, and the obligation of workers to sign confidentiality agreements.

Alpha Global It is another illustration that the struggle to unionize tech workers is accelerating. If successful, it could create a workforce for workers from other tech giants to consolidate not just within one country but in offices and warehouses around the world.

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