Google creates video tutorials for SMEs to learn new digital skills

From instructions on how to customize your advertising campaigns to visual content on how to work smoothly from home.

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Google creates video tutorials for SMEs to learn new digital skills
Google creates video tutorials for SMEs to learn new digital skills

Due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19, SMEs are having a difficult time struggling with temporary closings and general adjustments to their business model. Lately, it has been shown that digitization is a fundamental step to keep companies going, because when your company is online it is still open. That’s why, Google He has developed content and organized conferences to help entrepreneurs acquire the knowledge and tools to support them in the digital world.

The latest initiative consists of a series of four short videos that contain recommendations to facilitate the digital transition of our companies. You can find these tutorials on the Google Latin America YouTube channel.

Image: Courtesy of Google

In them we find a guide for adapting our advertising campaigns to visual content, so that you can work smoothly from home.

“We made these videos because we realized that SMEs are doing a lot of things right now, so time is the most valuable thing they have. So that they can acquire new knowledge without taking up a lot of time, we have these short ones and concise videos, ”the company explains in a statement.

People entering the playlist may receive information that can be supplemented by Grow at home with Googlethat remains hosted on the channel for anyone interested.

These audiovisual materials help SMEs to:

  1. Keep customers up to date: At this point, companies have recognized the need to adjust their business operations, change their business hours, or add services such as home delivery. With a simple tutorial, the company guides everyone interested in setting up their Google My Business profile and changes their data and services in Google and Google Maps searches.

  2. Customize advertising campaigns: Communication between companies and customers is crucial in times of crisis. For this reason, you can use this content to create or change advertising campaigns step by step, which among other things serve to share a new catalog or changes to services.

  3. Adapt the business to new consumer behavior: It is difficult to know the needs of consumers or to understand current trends. Therefore, this video shows how you can use Google Trends for more information. Once businesses understand consumer tastes, after signing up for Google My Business, they can create a free website or YouTube channel to showcase their latest news.

  4. Manage business remotely: With the intention of avoiding frictional losses when working remotely, which can be a challenge for both companies who want to experience them and those who have already implemented them, this content accompanies them through various tips to help everyone Process of facilitating home work; From virtual meetings and the use of shared documents to lessons to speed up work.

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