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Good End 2020: How to Prepare

October 17, 2020

Due to the pandemic, the Saving and Buying event will take place for months without interest from November 9th to 20th.

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Good End 2020: How to Prepare
Good End 2020: How to Prepare

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By Wolfgang Erhardt

Due to the health emergency caused by COVID-19, this year’s edition of El Buen Fin will seek to avoid crowds that could endanger the health of shoppers and people who work in stores. For this reason, the duration of the event was extended to 12 days. Fabulous!

Just to control the number of people entering the storesOne person per family is allowed as long as they are at a healthy body temperature and wear a mask at all times.

The stores will also employ many protected area security measures to allow customers to shop safely.

The truth is that due to the pandemic, It would be most convenient to shop from home.

According to the Mexican Online Sales Association (AMVO) It is estimated that online sales will account for 30% of the proceeds during El Buen Fin this year. The association also estimates that five out of ten shoppers plan to spend more money shopping on the Internet than in physical stores. I am in this statistic; I like to buy under the same conditions or better than in physical stores.

If you want to buy online, In order not to fall victim to fraud, enter the full address of the store you want to visit in the navigation barDo not use public computers or unsecured Wi-Fi networks, check the terms of purchase, do not give unnecessary data for the purchase of a product, check the movements in your bank account through your bank’s app or through online banking.

Back to the purchases, in addition to the discounts, the Association of Banks of Mexico (ABM) stated that Banks offer up to 24 months with no interest on the use of credit and debit cards, as well as double and triple reward points, Reduction in applicable tariffs and discounts on auto, life, home and personal insurance, as well as a monthly payment bonus. Excellent!

One of the perks for credit card users that exist in campaigns like El Buen Fin is the ability to be able to do so Pay in months with no interest so the consumer can buy without undercapitalization. You need to be aware that you undertake to pay a fixed amount each month until the end of the funding period, which means that you must reserve part of your income for this purpose.

Another way to get more out of your credit card is Visit department stores where in many cases you can transfer your points to an electronic wallet with an added bonus for you to make purchases at this facility. The same goes for many other loyalty programs like that of the airline.

If you want to shop before, during, or after El Buen Fin, don’t forget to establish your list of priorities and budget first. So you don’t go overboard.

To help you prepare your budget, request your specific credit report at This document will give you a complete picture of your current credit situation. You can get it for free every 12 months.

Once you know how much to spend, compare products and prices in different stores so you can always take home at the lowest price or better.

Editor’s note: This text is part of our opinion and only reflects the vision of the author, not necessarily the high level perspective

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