Global Impact Challenge Colombia 2020 announces winners of the Blockchain Longevity Contest

On August 21, 2020, the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce issued a statement The results of the Global Impact Challenge Colombia 2020 have been announced. A competition with the aim of promoting solutions for the population over 50 in the areas of education, health and financial stability where technologies such as blockchain and gamification were in place.

This is the first of its kind in the country, sponsored by SingularityU Colombia and with the technical assistance of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce and the Plan Mayor. that sought to involve people over 50 as entrepreneurs.

The call for the event took place between February and March of this year. Participants were accompanied throughout the incubation process by the Design and Innovation Center of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce (InnovaLab), SingularityU Colombia and the Plan Major on Thinking, Exponential Business and Context on Longevity in Colombia.

Global Impact Challenge Colombia 2020 announces winners of the Blockchain Longevity Contest
Global Impact Challenge Colombia 2020 announces winners of the Blockchain Longevity Contest

The ten selected proposals for finalists were presented to an international jury made up of: Molly Pyle from Singularity University; Roberto Navas, Impact Investor; Andrés Giraldo; Serial entrepreneur and Andrea Arnau; from the shark tank Colombia.

Singularity University’s global entrepreneurship competition promotes the development of solutions to the world’s great challenges through the use of exponential technologies. In particular, the question of how to live longer and better should be resolved.

Rules of the game

The participants were able to show and develop how they can use the technology in two specific challenges: A first challenge that proposes promoting a new industry that can produce well-being, financial stability and health solutions for people over the age of 60, among others, and the second one where participants increase creation and empowerment had to reach companies founded by people over 50.

The Bogotá Chamber of Commerce states in its press release that Evoke Silver, led by Jorge Cifuentes with more than 10 years of experience in technology, including companies and organizations in the education, oil and gas sectors, was the winning team in the “Solution for People Over 60” category. This is a digital platform that connects older adults with new generations to solve social impact challenges. In this way, Cross-generational teams are formed that, thanks to blockchain technology and gamification dynamics, solve challenges in order to receive rewards.

In the second category “ over 50 years old”The members of the Evool team were winners. An application that connects people with psychologists around the clock to confidentially manage emotions in moments of vulnerability. This team is led by Mauricio Castillo, who has a long history and experience in the health sector, as stated in the CCB’s communication.

Likewise, Juna David Castaño, Vice President Business Strengthening of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, assured that:

“From the chamber we want to position Bogotá as the capital of entrepreneurship in Latin America. For this reason, we promote various initiatives that promote a corporate culture with innovation and the use of new technologies. Given the results of the Global Impact Challenge, the participation of people of different ages who have shown that it can be done at any time in life is very satisfying and the inclusion of technology enables exponential business models to be created. “

For her part, Soyara Montoya, representative of the Plan Mayor alliance, says: “The Global Impact Challenge 2020 on Longevity” showed what some international studies claim; Age is not a barrier to entrepreneurship and learning. 70% of the participants are over 45 years old. In addition, entrepreneurs over 50 had higher success rates than younger ones, hitting 50% of the US final rates, ”he said.

Colombia technological revolution

The Global Impact Challenge 2020 opens its doors for people who have considered working with exponential technologies to make a positive impact on the world, successful entrepreneurs, scientists, technology experts or independent change actors in their field with disruptive ideas Challenge as well as the solution to the challenge of living longer and better. Blockchain technology is being re-integrated into the digital transformation of companies.

With this in mind, the digital platform SingularityU Colombia recently hosted a virtual meeting called the SingularityU Colombia Summit. A 4-day virtual experience with the main aim of promoting networking and developing thematic axes for developing sustainable solutions, including strategies for distribution work.

Blockchain is the single most important technological disruption in recent times since the integration of information technology into process transactions and the advent of the internet. Due to the great development of devices and software, it is now possible to link transactions, their processing and device intelligence via a worldwide distribution system.

Colombia remains at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to blockchain technology, and it’s not the first time it’s been part of this type of challenge. In July of last year, he took part in the Startup Challenge 2020, where more than 5,000 students from Latin America were trained in disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology on the initiative of Junior Achievement Americas and IBM.

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