Global fintech company launches securities tokenization platform

Global Stock Exchange Group, a Gibraltar-based tech finance company that implements blockchain solutions to promote interoperability between cryptocurrencies and traditional markets. launched its tokenized security platform Grid on May 7 in Estonia.

Grid makes it easy to label new and existing debt and securities. The Global Stock Exchange Group (GSX) also plans to introduce shares in the second phase of their provision. The platform also enables custom smart contracts to support any digital value.

Cointelegraph spoke to Nick Cowan, CEO of the GSX Group, to learn more about the grid platform and its predictions for the tokenized stock markets.

GSX launches asset tokenization platform

Global fintech company launches securities tokenization platform
Global fintech company launches securities tokenization platform

Cowan described Grid as “the first step in a step-by-step development approach that started in 2018” and “a place for creating and delivering tokenized digital values.” Nickname “intelligent values”.

GSX has offices and business premises in Gibraltar, London, Singapore and Hong Kong. The company expects to expand its tokenized securities ecosystem to provide “cross-jurisdictional interoperability” with end-to-end exchanges.

“This is a key benefit of the GSX Group’s smart value system,” said Cowan. “It is part of a capital market vision that tokenized digital securities may be qualified to trade on any of the GSX tokenized securities trading venues after being issued in GRID, subject to relevant regulatory approvals and conditions.”

EU-based offers created with Grid can be requested to be listed on the GSX trading venue in Gibraltar.

The next five years will be crucial for the introduction of DLT

Cowan believes the key benefits that tokenized securities and blockchain technology bring to capital markets will drive institutional acceptance over the next five years.

He explained:

“As with any disruptive technology, adoption is the biggest obstacle to overcome. However, we believe the benefits to the capital markets sector are so significant that all participants in the capital markets sector: issuers, institutions, investors, stockbrokers and member companies will increasingly approach this area. “

Gowan estimates that value tokens offer approximately $ 300 billion in annual cost and efficiency savings to the securities market. This applies in addition to “the capital that is returned to market participants in a pre-financed environment”.

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