Girls in Tech will train women in the IT industry in Mexico

This organization aims to help close the wage and gender gap in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT). It will empower students and women between the ages of 18 and 45.

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Girls in Tech will train women in the IT industry in Mexico
Girls in Tech will train women in the IT industry in Mexico

  • The recession caused by the pandemic could spell the backlash of years of strides in terms of equality between men and women.

ICT employment is estimated at over 62 million jobs by 2023. Women make up less than 25% Setting for these positions. That is why it comes to Mexico Girl in tech, a global nonprofit dedicated to helping, training, and mentoring women in the technology industry.

Girls in Tech has more than 60,000 members in 54 locations and 37 countries to help bridge the gender and pay gap in technology. Under this premise, it has been proposed to ensure that more and more information and communication technology (ICT) companies recruit more women under the same conditions and opportunities as men.

Closing the gender and pay gap

The World Economic Fund (IMF) warns that the recession caused by the pandemic could spell the backlash of years of advances in equality between men and women. If this hypothesis is true, successes like Mexico’s in 2018 would be threatened, when it moved up 31 positions in the World Economic Forum’s ranking of gender inequality to 50th place.

To bridge the gender and wage gap in the ICT industry through education and multicultural and multidisciplinary experiences, Girls in Tech Mexico will focus on two target groups:

  • Secondary school students. According to UNESCO, girls are withdrawn due to family pressures, stereotypes, expectations and a lack of mentors or role models in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The result: 38% of women choose a STEM career compared to 54% of men.
  • Women between 18 and 45 years of age. Students, professionals, housewives, home carers and / or single mothers whom we can offer new opportunities and show them another alternative that will help them earn better income through innovation and technology.

Girls in Tech Mexico

The organization’s plan to help reduce this void focuses on three areas: education, professional development and community.


  • Training camp. Training in practical work skills.
  • Global classroom. The free online platform focused on developing the technical tools needed to get started in ICT.
  • Lessons Lectures with experts.
  • Live webinars Developed for all professional levels.
  • Mentoring program focused on students and professionals.

Professional development

  • Digital career fair. Companies are addressing recruiting challenges and reaffirming their commitment to gender diversity.
  • Podcast. Space to share different perspectives on how technology is driving change in different industries.
  • Recruiting platform. Companies commit to diversifying their workforce and hiring new talent.
  • Startup Challenge. A global scenario for women entrepreneurs to connect with investors, mentors and agents of change.
  • Open the tech house. Event where companies can talk to our members about the barriers to diversity, inclusion and equity.


  • Virtual hackathons with a social good.
  • Girls in Tech annual conference where they promote:
    • Access to new talent,
    • Diversify your workforce and
    • Support for diversity, equity and inclusion.

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