Gift ideas that make your customers think of you forever

Creativity and details are key to a gift that strengthens your relationship in any season.

The opinions of the employees of You are personal.

Gift ideas that make your customers think of you forever
Gift ideas that make your customers think of you forever

As a company, one of the most important metrics you need to master is how unforgettable You are. That is, if your Customers, partners or interested parties Think about your type of product or service, or even the entire category. You are the first thing that comes to mind.

This is one of the most important metrics to consider and a metric that will never go out of style. Is the reason why Coke is about Pepsi When you think of cola and why is Kleenex the only brand you can think of when you think of tissues. It is also the reason why people drink so much coffee StarbucksEven if there is a better local cafe next door.

It is important to be the first to think of them and if you can do it this is the place to stay.

In addition to creating quality products or services, one of the easiest ways to become a reference in your category is with a gift. Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or even an achievement or the beginning of a new phase for you or your customer are excellent excuses to send a gift. The interesting thing is that it shouldn’t be impersonal or irrelevant, you can’t trust anything and write your name on it.

This could harm you. So be careful what you are sending and what affects you.

You don’t have to brag

Money has nothing to do with it. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to tip the scales in your favor. The most expensive bottle of champagne is of no use to you if the person who receives it doesn’t drink champagne and eventually gives it away. It’s about Your Customers, your partners, your future customers. You should get to know these people on a deeper level, and the gift you send them should show it.

Generic is not good

Don’t be the entrepreneur sending a pen, mug, or USB stick with your company logo on it. This is useless and ends up in the trash. And what’s worse, these gifts are usually perceived as vulgar, which detracts from the value of your brand.

The goal is to be unforgettable

Being memorable means that you will be in the minds of your customers, partners and prospects when they see your gift. And that they think positively about you. To do this, the gift must be original and thoughtful. What kind of people are they? What would you like to do? What do you do when you are not working? What would you need at work to make your life easier? What would make you say, “Wow, you tried hard”?

Maybe they are very intense at the gym, but you know they give each other a go from time to time at Christmas … Then some high quality chocolates that are 80% cocoa are very well received and appreciated.

Or maybe they are adventurous people who enjoy the outdoors, and a plant for their office could be an unforgettable gift that will make them smile.

If you know they drink whiskey, do your best with a good bottle. Or if you know they love to run, maybe wireless headphones, or if they love coffee, a thermos with a fun label that reflects their personality and the quality of your relationship.

If you get your customers to think of you frequently or even passively, they will be more inclined to come to you when they need it. If there is anything you can help them with, great! You will have more work. If it’s something you’ve seen before but can’t figure out, then it might be your chance to come up with a good recommendation that will make you look a lot more professional in their eyes and make them think better about you.

And if you are very good at what you do, they benefit from the fact that they remember you. When you are the best, you have a responsibility to be unforgettable so that they will remember the best every time they need something. And the easiest way to do it is with a thoughtful gift.

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