Ghani calls on the Taliban to seize the “opportunity” for peace after the start of a ceasefire in Afghanistan

The President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, this Thursday called for the Taliban to use the “opportunity” for a peace agreement with a view to the withdrawal of international troops, a message sent to the insurgents shortly after the start of an agreement of the end of Ramadan stop by a three-day fire.

“The Taliban cannot have a better opportunity now that international troops are leaving the country,” said Ghani, before adding that “the people’s weapons are open to them” to end the war, he said. “We don’t want destruction, we want development,” he said.

He stressed that “the withdrawal of international troops is a great opportunity” and added that “the new chapter of cooperation with the international community has begun”. “Today the region sees Afghanistan as an opportunity,” he said, as reported by the Afghan television station Tolo TV.

Ghani calls on the Taliban to seize the “opportunity” for peace after the start of a ceasefire in Afghanistan
Ghani calls on the Taliban to seize the “opportunity” for peace after the start of a ceasefire in Afghanistan

Ghani stressed that “there is a political consensus in the country” and that it is necessary “to wait and see the intentions of the Taliban”. “All politicians want an Afghan and guided peace process,” he said.

Finally, he criticized the Taliban for the “destruction” of the cities with their attacks, pointing out that the Afghan people “know who is responsible for the explosions and suicide bombings”. “That they show us a district that they have under their total control, in which they have built something,” he said.

Ghani’s words came after the bilateral ceasefire entered into force and the day after the insurgents took control of a strategic district near the capital, Kabul.

Despite the ceasefire, at least five civilians were killed in a bomb explosion this Thursday in the Panjuai district of Kandahar province (south), Afghanistan.

Provincial police spokesman Yamal Nasir Barakzai has stated that the bomb exploded as a vehicle passed and added that several children were among the deaths, without giving any further details, the Afghan television station reported. Ariana.

The Taliban announced a three-day ceasefire on Monday to mark Eid al Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan. In response, Ghani issued another ceasefire during the period, calling for it to be made “permanent”.

The Taliban have been stepping up their offensives in recent days, coinciding with the start of the withdrawal of international troops and despite the peace talks that began in September with the government in the Qatari capital, Doha.

The process of withdrawal of US forces should be completed on May 1, according to the Washington-Taliban agreement signed in February 2020. However, US President Joe Biden said in April that this date would be extended to September 11, sparking a number of criticisms and warnings from the insurgents.

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