Germany is imposing strict Christmas quarantine to stop COVID-19 scaling

The European country will close schools and shops from this Wednesday until January 10, 2021 after more than 20,000 infections were registered this Sunday.

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Germany is imposing strict Christmas quarantine to stop COVID-19 scaling
Germany is imposing strict Christmas quarantine to stop COVID-19 scaling

The federal government has officially a “Hard restriction” from Wednesday December 16 to January 10. Anxious to stop the spread of COVID-19The new quarantine implies the closure of schools and businesses as well as restrictions on public life and non-essential activities.

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkeland the Heads of State or Government of the 16 Federated States approved the measure given the grave situation. They signed up this Sunday 20,200 new infections from coronavirus and 321 deaths in just 24 hoursaccording to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), an epidemiological reference center.

“There is an urgent need for action”Merkel explained. The European country has added 1.33 million positive cases and 21,900 deaths since the pandemic began.

In these weeks Only important stores can opensuch as supermarkets, pharmacies and bank branches. It is recommended not to travel within or outside of German territory and to maintain work from home.

The Christmas holidays will be extended to three weeks until January 10th compared to the originally planned January 4th. The regulations leave open the possibility of continuing distance learning and watch checkpoints are being set up in some schools for special cases, such as the children of parents with essential jobs.

The social gatherings, including Christmas and the end of the year, is limited to five adults from two different addresses, excluding children under 14. For New Years Eve and New Years Eve A national “ban on assembly” is issued in public spaces. To The sale of alcohol on public roads is prohibited (Farewell to the traditional hot wine stands) as well as the trade and use of pyrotechnic products.

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz announced that a new package will shortly be adopted that will provide additional economic support to the existing ones.

“I would have liked the measures to be easier, but the number of social contacts has increased significantly because of the Christmas shopping.”Merkel has assured.

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