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German police confiscate more than 3,000 hard drives in an investigation of child abuse

December 7, 2019


German police have confiscated 3,300 hard drives of computer storage in the framework of investigations into a network of child abuse discovered in North Rhine-Westphalia, as reported by authorities in the German city of Cologne on Saturday.

The police spokesman has admitted that the investigators themselves were surprised by the size of the case. “We expected a lot of data, but we were surprised by the size of what we found, and we continue to find,” Klaus-Stephan Becker, head of the Criminal Police of Cologne, told the newspaper 'Rheinische Post'.

The case, originated in the city of Bergisch Gladbach, investigates numerous men who abused their children and spread images in populated chat groups. Hundreds of police officers are analyzing the data, among which there is child pornography material.

“In my 45 years of service, I have not seen anything comparable in Germany,” the head of the Cologne Police, Uwe Jacob, lamented to the newspaper. In North Rhine-Westphalia alone there are seven suspects in pretrial detention. In addition, there are two more arrests: one in the state of Hesse and one in the Rhineland-Palatinate region.