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Geodata platform created for the monitoring and analysis of pandemics

May 19, 2020 will measure the development of the corona virus, in addition to various socio-demographic, economic, infrastructural and human mobility indicators that will help accelerate economic recovery.

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Geodata platform created for the monitoring and analysis of pandemics
Geodata platform created for the monitoring and analysis of pandemics

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Information without proper analysis or interpretation is of little use. Especially now that we are living on exposure to endless news about the COVID-19 pandemic, which can even scare us if we are not sure if it is data from a reliable source.

Can you imagine a platform that informs you of where the COVID-19 is located, even at the postcode level? In this way you can identify the vulnerable population taking into account their age and socio-economic level. does that tell you how human mobility behaves and that it also enables citizens to report their health status and control the process of economic reopening?

The good news is that a group of Mexican geotechnical specialists, epidemiologists and software developers with more than 30 years of experience have been created LUPPA (Geographic information platform for the good of Mexico).

It is a platform that specializes in collecting, processing, analyzing, interpreting, distributing and storing data in real time in the cloud. It was created to provide space for learning and disseminating the situation of COVID-19 in the same place, in a detailed, friendly and visual manner.

“Information can give people confidence and security in our lifetime,” says Juan Manuel Wong Urrea, CEO of LUPPA.

The businessman explains that the platform “provides a clearer, more realistic picture of what is happening, and enables better decisions and more effective precautions.”

Important indicators such as the number of confirmed patients, suspects and deaths as well as their gender and age can be determined on this platform. a map with the areas with higher or lower risk as well as the incidence and death rates at the state, local and micro region level (post code) as well as other relevant data.


Government support

LUPPA has a management tool for private access, It has costs that can be very useful for state and local governments to make decisions because they can know how the corona virus develops in certain microregions (by zip code).

It also provides advice on what is really happening in the area, where prevention and containment measures should be stepped up, or how prevention campaigns can be improved to achieve better results.

LUPPA also shows various socio-demographic, economic, infrastructural and human mobility indicators that can be used by both government agencies and the corporate sector to accelerate economic recovery.

However, the best thing is that this technological tool can also be used to measure and control the growth of other epidemic diseases such as measles, diabetes or high blood pressure.


Share and save lives

LUPPA has a plugin called MAGNIFIER (Universal place of pandemic and emergencies), an application that tries to identify the spread of the coronavirus by collecting information from people and the location of the zip code of the reports.

It works with a questionnaire that has previously been validated by a doctor to find out how likely a person is to be at risk of the virus, and provides information about the care needed for each individual.

This app becomes local reports that make the pandemic visible. This helps predict curves at the local level that determine the timely use of containment measures and the selective economic reactivation of these areas.