Gen Z will make up for the lost year by giving out great study results

2020 and part of 2021 have been different years due to the sanitary restrictions imposed around the world to stop the progression of the coronavirus, but thanks to the progress of vaccination campaigns, the end of the crisis is beginning to appear.

As security eases, people are starting to plan how they will make up for the time they spent in quarantine. At least that’s reflected in a recent study by Pinterest that found that thanks to the more positive outlook of a post-pandemic world, users are starting to plan their future spending.

Gen Z will make up for the lost year by giving out great study results
Gen Z will make up for the lost year by giving out great study results

With almost twice as many searches year over year (96% more) and 3% more searches per user, Gen Z’s audience is leading all the trends. After months of imprisonment, the searches made by the young centenarians on the graphic social network seem to have a clear mentality: “Life is very short”. According to Pinterest reports, young people born between 1995 and 2005 want to do everything they haven’t been able to in months and actively seek inspiration to pamper themselves for future trips, parties and occasions where they want daring looks and show off makeup.

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Here are some searches that reflect what GenZ plans to spend its money on once the pandemic is over:

The best vacation

Image: Courtesy of Pinterest

At Gen Z, the search for “dream vacation destinations” has increased 13-fold. “Luxury Vacation”, for 6; and the ideas of “organizing bags” have quadrupled. Although mobility is still limited, they are already planning trips and buying items like “cute mini backpacks” (they have doubled) or looking for “girls travel aesthetics” (20 times more).

Party celebration

Image: Pineapple Supply Co. via Unsplash

People want to socialize more, and Gen Z is looking for new ways to celebrate special occasions and parties with their friends. You spend time preparing theme nights like “Euphoria Party Ideas” (43 times more), “Party Themes” (8 times more) and “Murder Mystery Themed Dinners” (7 times more). You are also looking for items of clothing: “outfits for dinner” (30 times more), “outfits for going out to a bar” (9 times more) and “party hairstyles” (6 times more).

What to wear when video calls are over

Image: Courtesy of Pinterest

Now that it seems like there will be post-pandemic life, Gen Z wants to reflect all that joy and optimism in their style. They already had plenty of time to discover and explore their “own” aesthetic when the pandemic started, but now they are looking for ways to bring their ideas to life. You are interested in fashion items such as “zebra print pants” (14 times more), “pleated skirt” (12 times more) and “hippie jewelry” (16 times more).

The boldest makeup looks come from Gen Z.

Image: Courtesy of Pinterest

Beauty is one of the categories that are getting the most interest on Pinterest. Gen Z searches in particular show they are increasingly interested in ideas and products that will help them create their bold makeup look. 45 times more searches for “make-up” were loggedE-girl“60 times more than” alternative make-up “and 24 times more than” creative eye make-up “.

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