Gavin Andresen now doubts Craig Wright’s claim that he is Satoshi

This is suggested by recently published statements Gavin Andresen now has doubts that Craig Wright is the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

The statements relating to Wright’s case against the estate of his alleged business partner David Kleiman They show that Andresen was asked if he still thought Wright was Satoshi. Andresen said he initially thought Wright was the creator of Bitcoin – or at least a third of a group called Satoshi Nakamoto – but then he felt he had been cheated on in his own words.

Andresen said:

“There are places in the private test session where you could be cheated where someone could have changed the software used, or maybe the laptop you supplied was not a new laptop and was manipulated by somehow I also had jet lag. And again I wasn’t aware that this will prove to the world that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. I thought, you know, that will undoubtedly prove that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. And my doubts arise because the test that was presented to me is very different from the pseudo test that was later presented to the world“”

Andresen later said in the statement that he now believes he has never contacted the former founder of Bitcoin again after emailing Satoshi in 2010 and 2011.

Gavin Andresen now doubts Craig Wright’s claim that he is Satoshi
Gavin Andresen now doubts Craig Wright’s claim that he is Satoshi

The Kleiman-Wright case was viewed with enthusiasm by the industry for its possible impact on the future of Bitcoin. As late as May, lawyers from the Kleiman heirs discovered additional evidence against Wright.

Gox’s former CEO, Mark Karples, recently claimed that Wright was “a thief or a scam.” Wright also tried to sue the founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, Roger Ver, for making similar statements against him in 2019. In his statement, Andresen also defamed Wright’s reputation:

“I have my doubts – I have many, many doubts about which parts of what about what Craig told me are true and which are not.”

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