Bitcoin starts the solution for ETH2 staking and lists five new DeFi projects

Digital Asset Exchange announced an ETH stakeout solution for its users. In a statement that Cointelegraph en Español had access to, it was stated that this is supported “by a stable Ethereum infrastructure and a mature asset management solution”.

In addition, they reported that The solution would allow users to earn a stake winnings bonus necessary to lock their ETH in ETH2 for a long time or worry about ETH2 penalties.

On the other hand, the company also announced this The USDG stablecoin was listed on S Finance. Users could thus exchange USDG with other stable coins like USDC, DAI, USDT, TUSD on the decentralized exchange. starts the solution for ETH2 staking and lists five new DeFi projects starts the solution for ETH2 staking and lists five new DeFi projects

“Staking out Eth 2.0 requires a higher level of technical knowledge and a longer staking time. In addition, the simultaneous execution of a validator for both the ETH1 chain and the ETH2 beacon chain is required to maintain a stable participation status. Otherwise the money invested can be punished. Therefore, the ETH2 stakeout is not suitable for everyone. is innovative and complies with user-friendly standards and has developed a flexible solution with which users can receive a reward for staking out without having to tie their ETH to ETH2 for a long time or worry about possible penalties “, explained Marie Tatibouet, CMO of

Further details on the ETH2 staking out solution from

As stated by, this exchange lists the ETH2 tokens, and ETH2 tokens are a certificate for users to participate in the ETH2 deployment. An ETH2 represents an ETH that is included in the use of ETH2

“Users can freely buy and sell ETH2 on the USDT and ETH markets. will distribute the net proceeds (investment income minus costs) from the ETH2 share at the beginning of the ETH2 participation to the ETH2 holder for 14 days ETH2 from a user ”, they reported in the statement.

“The annual reward percentage of ETH2 stakes depends on the amount of ETH that is used. The return tends to be higher at an early stage as less ETH is used. In the long term, however, a stable return of 5 to 10% is expected, ”they added.

Listed projects

In addition to Roobee (ROOBEE) and Alpaca City (ALPA), also listed Injective Protocol (INJ), TrustToken (TRU), OasisNetwork (ROSE). The exchange will also start a “Deposit and Trade Roobee (ROOBEE)” competition from December 4th to 13th with a pool of USDT 3,100 equivalent.

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