Bitcoin has released an updated version of its IEO platform called “Startup”.

Cryptocurrency exchange announced on its official blog that it would improve its Initial Exchange Offering platform – better known as IEOs – with the name Startup 2.0.

After the publication of the exchange, IEO Startup 2.0 will provide “Diverse and more flexible services for project teams while ensuring user security.”

The startup IEO was launched this year and according to CryptoRank In terms of the worldwide return on IEO projects, the platform ranks third with 143.96% , behind the market-leading stock exchange Binance. has released an updated version of its IEO platform called “Startup”. has released an updated version of its IEO platform called “Startup”.

According to, the two IEO projects launched this year have brought significant benefits to investors, which they believe will strengthen the reputation needed to ensure that high quality projects choose Startup IEO as their gateway. Entrance to the crypto world.

In this sense, The exchange had an application form for projects that would like to opt into for this modality.

Parallel to the improvement of the IEO platform Gate, io also announced plans to launch some key products such as futures and options for crypto assetsAt the same time, they state that they are “actively seeking to work with hundreds of professional teams around the world” to improve the platform’s liquidity.

To achieve this, they also plan to launch various functions for the cryptocurrency trader in their portal, e.g. B. Grid trading, signal trading and long futures contracts.

The exchange currently enables functions such as spot trading, margin trading, permanent contracts and lending on its main platform.

The last project that the exchange listed under the “single listing” modality is Kusama, with the KSM USDT pair active since July 25 to trade within the exchange after Polkadot’s “cousin” more than 10 has received millions of votes.

IEO continues to be a successful strategy

The first IEO exchange offers are fundraisers that are managed by an exchange, as mentioned Binance Academy on his official site.

Unlike the popular 2017 ICOs, where the project team is responsible for collecting donations and where there is potential for fraud in the past, IEOs have become almost a norm for every new project that comes to light in the crypto ecosystem.

For a project in which donations are to be collected, an IEO offers many advantages for a successful path. Starting with a significant number of users who can see your product and depending on the size of the audience, this could mean a successful marketing effort for the proposed fundraiser.

This enables not only the safety of the user or the common investor, but also the opportunity for the project team to focus more on development than exhausting marketing strategies to obtain funding.

As we saw in the previous graphic, Binance Exchange with its Binance launchpad platform is currently the industry leader for new projects that want to use this successful strategy.

However, in April last year, the Chinese exchange saw excessive demand for the sale of its domestic token. In the first week of the IEO, transactions of almost USD 3 billion were made for their “GT” gate chain tokens. An example of why the exchange is behind the leading Binance in terms of the IEO platform.

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