Garmin could face fines if a $ 10 million ransom is paid

Garmin, a multinational technology company, was killed in a ransomware attack by Russian cybercriminals Evil Corp. no longer fully utilized. Garmin is blackmailed for a $ 10 million rescue, that has to be paid with cryptocurrencies.

According to a report published by Bleeping Computer An unidentified Garmin employee confirmed that the ransomware WastedLocker removed customer support services, navigation solutions, and other aspects of the U.S.-based company.

The leader of the cybercrime group is a Russian person named Maksim Yakubets. This well-known criminal was indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2019. It was also included in the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list, with a reward in the $ 5 million, The highest reward ever offered by the country’s authorities for arresting a cybercriminal.

Evil Corp members were sanctioned by the U.S. in 2019.

Garmin could face fines if a $ 10 million ransom is paid
Garmin could face fines if a $ 10 million ransom is paid

Because of the sanctions against the criminals responsible for carrying out this attack If Garmin pays the ransom required, they could have problems with the United States government.

Talk to Cointelegraph Brett Callow, threat analyst at Emsisoft malware lab, commented on the Garmin dilemma:

“This seems to create a legal minefield. Payment can be the only way a company can avoid catastrophic data loss, but it can be illegal for the company to make such a payment.”

The list states that Yakubets, known by the pseudonym “Aqua”, He is searched for his involvement in a computer malware attack that infected tens of thousands of computers in North America and Europe. This resulted in real financial losses of approximately $ 100 million.

The cybercriminals are said to have helped the Russian government

The United States government also accused Yakubets and his partner of Igor Tursashev, “Direct support to the Russian government” through support from the FSB security agency.

At the end of this letter The Evil Corp chief and co-administrator are still at large, although the authorities believe they are in Moscow.

A study published by the cyber security company Fox-IT recently found that Evil Corp developed the ransomware known as WastedLocker. This is the type of ransomware they have been actively using to attack since May this year.

There are reports that the group has requested a total of $ 10 million from various U.S.-based companies.

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