Gantz announces that he will try á form a government of “liberal and broad unity” under his leadership

His party rejects the coalition offer raised by Netanyahu and the prime minister regrets refusing to meet him


The head of the Israeli Blue and White party, Benny Gantz, announced Thursday that he will try to form a “government of liberal unity” under his leadership, a message that arrives after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called him form a great coalition executive.

“I will form a government of liberal and broad unity,” said the former army chief, who heads the list of a party that has won 33 seats in the legislative elections against the 31 that has added the Prime Minister's Likud, Benjamin Netanyahu, although without the possibility of forming a government coalition in the center-left block.

Gantz announces that he will try á form a government of “liberal and broad unity” under his leadership
Gantz announces that he will try á form a government of “liberal and broad unity” under his leadership

The leader of Azul y Blanco has said that his formation is the party with the most votes and that, therefore, he is responsible for trying to form a government. “After an electoral campaign imposed on the citizens of Israel, the citizens have gone to the polls, voted and made a clear decision. They have chosen unity, they have chosen Israel above all,” said the retired general.

In this regard, he has said that his party “will not give up on anyone” and that he himself “will lead the negotiations with judgment and responsibility to achieve the best for the citizens of Israel in the political circumstances that have been created.”

The leader of Azul and Blanco has assured that the negotiation “will require determination” and “adherence” to the principles of its formation and has emphasized that there will be no “shortcuts”. “The Government that I establish must be effective and capable of governing and acting,” he explained.

Gantz's message comes after this same Thursday the Israeli prime minister and candidate for re-election with the conservative Likud party, Benjamin Netanyahu, summoned the retired general to form a national unity government.

Minutes before Gantz's speech, Netanyahu has lamented in a statement that the former army chief has refused to meet him after Tuesday's election results. “I am surprised and disappointed because so far Benny Gantz has refused to respond to my request to meet. The president (of the country) has asked for a unity government but without a meeting between the two leaders of the main parties, it is impossible to form a government of national unity, “he said.

The Israeli prime minister has stressed that the country “needs a government of unity as wide as possible,” “not other elections or a government that relies on anti-Zionist parties.” The electoral count of the legislatures on Tuesday, with 97 percent of the votes counted, has placed the Blue and White party as the most voted force with 33 seats and the Likud with 31 seats.

The leader of Blue and White and deputy Yair Lapid has responded to Netanyahu's offer with a clear rejection and stressed that the Likud leader is refusing to accept the result of the polls, which have left his party as a second force in votes and seats.

“A person is preventing the formation of a government of liberal unity. A person. When faced with a choice between what is important for the country and what is important for a person, the first thing is the country,” said Lapid, before participating in a meeting with the members of his party. Lapid has stressed that voters “have not given confidence” to Netanyahu and has accused him of trying to change the decision of the voters.

The leader of Azul and Blanco has said that his formation will try to form a coalition of government with those who believe in civil marriage and public transport during the sabbatical day, the day of Jewish rest.

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