Galt Energy opens crowdfunding round: You can invest from 7,500 pesos

The solar panel company expects the minimum collection of 8 million pesos.

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Galt Energy , a solar generation company distributed in the north of the country, announced the beginning of the investment round that will take place in the Mexican platform of collective investments Play Business . The company, which is located in the renewable energy industry, expects the minimum collection of 8 million pesos, which will establish a presence in three new areas: Hermosillo, Culiacán and Mazatlán .

Galt Energy opens crowdfunding round: You can invest from 7,500 pesos
Galt Energy opens crowdfunding round: You can invest from 7,500 pesos

The brand, located in Monterrey, has had a compound annual growth of over 80% since its creation; In 2019, their sales were more than 300 million pesos and they expect a 40% growth by 2020. We are proud to work with a company like them, Play Business said in a statement.

“Distributed generation is the only future of the electricity industry. While the electricity that households and businesses in Mexico receive goes through an expensive and polluting supply chain, solar energy on site allows a change to clean and economical energy. At Galt Energy we are dedicated to making this change easy and accessible, but we need a lot to educate and convince the market. We need all the support available to change Mexico into energy, and that is where we see the value of Play Business. Today we allow anyone to generate their own energy and also participate in the success of our company, ”said José Hernán Zambrano, CEO of Galt Energy.

Interested investors may invest from $ 7,500 pesos (to be paid in three months). Galt Energy offers a minimum gross return of 12% per annum of the total amount raised as of January 2021, as new operations are consolidated. Who invests will have estimated annual gross returns between 20.1% and 29%. It is estimated that an investor will recover his investment in a period of between 4.1 and 5.7 years, and will continue to receive a percentage of sales during the entire time the new positions operate.

Galt Energy has differentiated through its alliance with the American SunPower , manufacturer of solar panels with greater efficiency, durability and quality. The above has combined it with creative financing schemes: residences, shops and industries can acquire the best solar panels on the market by paying with part of the savings they generate.

If you are an reader you have the opportunity to access the investment round of Galt Energy one day before the rest of the investors. In order to take advantage of this benefit it is necessary that you enter from this link and click directly from this note.

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