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Gadgets that can turn your home into a smart home

July 6, 2020

Use them to make your home activities easier.

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Gadgets that can turn your home into a smart homeGadgets that can turn your home into a smart home

Disclaimer: Our goal is to present products and services that we think you will find interesting and useful. If you buy them, en Español could receive a small portion of the proceeds from the sale of our business partners.

Nowadays, the technology industry is constantly releasing new devices to make certain activities easier for us. In addition to intelligent furniture, there are also electronic devices that can be connected at home to increase efficiency. We’ll leave you with some of the most useful devices for your smart home.

With your voice assistant Alexa, you can easily regulate all smart home accessories on request. You can also read time, weather, recipes and books.


Would you like to give your home more security? With smart cameras, you can see everything happening from your phone anywhere in the world.


Among other things, you can connect your desk lamp, coffee machine and TV and ask your Alexa device to switch them on.


You can easily regulate the temperature of your house from your bed. All you have to do is ask your voice assistant or do it from your mobile device.


Now you have a personal assistant who vacuums the house. You only need to configure it to delimit areas and to clean the container after use.


You no longer have to hire a security agency. With easy installation, you can block access to your home. You can also make emergency calls and send messages to up to 10 different devices.


Would you like to know what your pet is doing when you are away from home? With this gadget you can see it on your phone and win prizes to cheer it up.


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