Future lotteries could benefit from the randomness of ETH 2.0

When discussing the Ethereum (ETH) hackathon in collaboration with the Colorado State Lottery, Vitalik Buterin believed that such lotteries could benefit from the verifiable delay function of Ethereum 2.0 in the future.

There is no immediate use for Ethereum in the project

The creator of Ethereum will be one of the guests at the Colorado State Lottery Game virtual opening ceremony. Jam hackathon. Jared Polis and Chainlink co-founder Sergey Nazarov will also be present. Buterin doesn’t believe the Colorado lottery Start using the Ethereum blockchain for your gambling right away, but suspect that similar apps may use the random functions of ETH 2.0 in the future:

“I understand that there really is no Ethereum connection to the lottery itself. Rather, it is part of the Jared Polis government’s efforts to find innovative approaches to public finance and government modernization. I think apps like this could potentially benefit from the randomness of Ethereum 2.0 in the future if we add the VDF! “

Chainlink believes its verifiable random function (VRF) also has great potential for the gaming industry. In the future, this could be a source of competition between decentralized ecosystems.

Future lotteries could benefit from the randomness of ETH 2.0
Future lotteries could benefit from the randomness of ETH 2.0

Discussing the club’s intersection with Ethereum’s fifth birthday Buterin said:

“I think it’s a coincidence! I don’t think the state of Colorado is making decisions based on Ethereum data …”

No state competition between Ethereum and Cardano

The neighboring state of Colorado in Wyoming is possibly the friendliest cryptocurrency in the United States. It also apparently was conquered by Ethereum’s competitor, Cardano (ADA), because they project the local territory as their home. The Cardano development company, IOHK moved its headquarters from Hong Kong to Wyoming when the state passed its crypto-friendly legislation. Cardano too It is closely associated with the University of Wyoming and several local businesses. Ironic, Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano and co-founder of Ethereum, lives in Boulder, Colorado. We asked Buterin: when Ethereum tried to conquer Colorado, to what he said:

“I really don’t like to think of ‘this state is our territory, this other state is its territory’. There is certainly a very strong presence of Ethereum in Colorado, but overall Colorado has smart people who use technology that works for them make sense, and I’m sure that Ethereum will prove valuable in many places. ”

It will be interesting to see how blockchain technology will be used outside of its usual environment in the future. If you can help the lottery reach its $ 1 billion sales goal, it could have a big impact on blockchain proliferation.

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