Funerals begin in Baghdad by Soleimaini and Al Muhandis


The Shiite society of Iraq has begun on Saturday the funerals by Iranian General Qasem Soleimaini and the deputy head of the Popular Mobilization Forces of Iraq, Abu Mahdi al Muhandis, who died on Friday in an American attack, with a procession through the capital, Baghdad, which will continue with the transfer of the bodies to the cities of Kerbala and Najaf, holy to this branch of Islam.

Soleimani's body will be repatriated to Iran where, and on Sunday, a new ceremony will take place at another sacred site, the mausoleum of Imam Reza, where his mortal remains will rest for a whole day before the final farewell in Tehran, next Monday . On Tuesday, Soleimaini's body will be buried in his home province of Kerman, according to the Iranian news agency Tasnim.

Funerals begin in Baghdad by Soleimaini and Al Muhandis
Funerals begin in Baghdad by Soleimaini and Al Muhandis

The procession in Iraq will have a wingspan of “state funeral” given the importance of the figure of Soleimani among the Shiite society of Iraq, according to the Kurdish news agency Rudaw.

Both commanders died along with eight other people from the attack unleashed by a US Army MQ-9 Reaper drone near Baghdad International Airport, in an unprecedented tension escalation in the last 40 years between the United States and the Islamic Republic .

Soleimani was a fundamental figure to understand the presence of Iran in the main conflicts of the region and as the executing arm of the policy of the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic, Ali Khamenei. Ayatollah has recognized that it is a “bitter loss” for Tehran and has promised “revenge.”

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