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Fundación MetLife and Unreasonable México want to increase financial inclusion in the country

February 18, 2020

Through the call for their unreasonable SAFINN program, these companies are looking for entrepreneurs to help them change the financial scenario in Mexico.

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For the second consecutive year, MetLife México Foundation and Unreasonable México present the call for entrepreneurs to develop alternatives to increase financial inclusion and improve the finances of Mexicans through the Unreasonable SAFINN program.

Fundación MetLife and Unreasonable México want to increase financial inclusion in the countryFundación MetLife and Unreasonable México want to increase financial inclusion in the country

According to these companies, only 36% of Mexicans have a savings account and two out of 10 have some type of insurance (life, car or medical expenses) and one of their goals is to change this scenario.

“At the MetLife Mexico Foundation we are concerned that a large part of the population in Mexico lacks healthy finances. This alliance that we have with Unreasonable Mexico, through the Unreasonable SAFINN initiative, will allow us to improve the quality of life of low-income people by promoting financial health to increase their economic stability, better manage their resources, expand their income opportunities, achieve their goals and develop greater resilience to unforeseen events, ”says Nalleli García, Manager of Social Responsibility and MetLife Mexico Foundation.

The SAFINN Irrazonable program will select 10 projects that use innovation and technology with the potential to offer access solutions to financial services in the following aspects:

1. Promote savings

2. Grant loans

3. Offer insurance

4. Build financial capacities

5. Create job skills

For 3 weeks, selected entrepreneurs will work with mentors and investors such as Pat Meadow, who reinvented the bank supervision program in the Federal Reserve of New York; Fer Domínguez, developer of the most disruptive technologies of Google X; Gabriela Zapata, expert in inclusion and financial health, among other people of international stature who are revolutionizing the financial services industry in Latin America and the world.

Participants will develop skills in the hands of their mentors, to make prototyping, strategies, team leadership, investment attraction, among others. In addition, they will have a follow-up for 2 years and 6 months of support.

For this second generation the registration will be open from February 10 to March 5 and the program will be held at the Hacienda San Cristóbal, Guanajuato, from April 13 to May 4. If you wish to register or obtain more information, go to the Unreasonable SAFFIN page.

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