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Fully Mexican fintech credit card launched

September 11, 2020

A 100% Mexican fintech credit card was introduced with the aim of providing liquidity to individuals and businesses. This was reported in an article in The initiative comes from the company Kapital, which is known as a “smart bank”.

“Your card tries to increase the liquidity possibilities of the population in situations such as unemployment, reduced income and in companies with instability and possible closuresYou stated in the article.

René Saúl Farro, CEO and Co-Founder of Capital, commented:

“We believe that the time is now to stimulate Mexico’s economy in every way possible, and what could be better than trusting people with unconventional credit cards.”

Fully Mexican fintech credit card launchedFully Mexican fintech credit card launched

“In contrast to other credit institutions, the capital company is based on a 100% digital proposal,” they emphasized in the publication.

Kapital offers solutions for controlling personal finances, paying for services, liquidity of companies and their employees, wage flow, acquisitions, auto insurance, etc.

They also explained that The company is committed to placing a significant number of cards: around 5,000 in late 2020 and around 50,000 in the first 12 months after launch.

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