Fuel up communication in your company and in your life

Here you can find out what the three components of communication are. wherever, with whoever, about whatever.

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Fuel up communication in your company and in your life
Fuel up communication in your company and in your life

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This car is not working

– Hernández cranes?

– Yes, sir, at your service. With whom do I have the pleasure?

– Can you help me with Mr. Romeo?

– Naturally! What is the problem?

– That my car is not running.

– I’m sorry to hear that, did you have an accident?

– No. I do not know what happens. It just doesn’t work. It doesn’t move.

– Really? How strange!

– I know. It is a mystery. Cars are a mystery!

– Ehhmm … not really, but it’s fine. I’m currently sending you a crane if you want. But tell me, do you know how to drive?

– Of course I’m a great pilot! I know how to deal with automatic, manual and mixed gear. I have done my whole life; As a child, he was an ace behind the wheel even on the bike.

– Oh I understand. And the car … seems something is wrong?

– Nothing. All is well. I got it from the agency yesterday. It is a newest model. I’m at the wheel right now. I turn the key … and turn the wheel one way or the other.

– Why?

– Because that’s how it is handled! Look, I’m betting first, now I’m betting second … and I’m honking my horn!

– Excuse me, sir, but I don’t think you can handle it. If the car is not running …

– I do everything I know! I am a great pilot. I look at the rearview mirror, I accelerate … and brake! It’s getting dark. I will turn on the light. It’s a great car, it cost me a million. It is red.

– Yes Yes, I understand. Then why doesn’t he go?

– I have no idea. You see, these cars too. You are a mystery!

What a mystery this car! I’m sure you know enough mechanics to get an idea of ​​what’s going on. It’s a new car, so the engine is probably not bad and according to Romeo, he’s a great driver. What’s happening?

So many people are there: If they have communication problems, like Rome, spin the wheel, honk and press all the buttons to see if something happens. But no, the car is not running. It is a real mystery.

At the end of this story, the crane finally arrives to save Romeo with his new car, which is red. They check the car, lift the hood, check the tires, and in the end … revealed the riddle: The car has no petrol.

Photo: Depositphotos.

The three components of communication

We usually view communication as an action that has three basic elements: Issuer

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