From Money On Chain, they confirm that decentralized barn coins enable enormous efficiency in payment circles

The DescentralizAR 2020 conference cycle will take place on Thursday, July 30 and Friday, July 31. Cointelegraph in Spanish spoke to one of the panelists involved in stablecoins, Max Carjuzaa, co-founder of Money On Chain. Project that launched the Dollar on Chain (DOC), the first stable coin with collateral in Bitcoin in the RSK blockchain.

“”Decentralization is a way, it’s a place to go. We take this path from Money On Chain. Our goal is clear: we give Bitcoin a real benefit to change the lives of millions of people“Max Carjuzaa pointed out.

Regarding decentralized stable coins, Carjuzaa said: “Decentralized stable coins enable enormous efficiency in payment transactions, enable the establishment of financial services that do not require trust to operate and for which no one is authorized to divert funds or to violate the rules.“”

From Money On Chain, they confirm that decentralized barn coins enable enormous efficiency in payment circles
From Money On Chain, they confirm that decentralized barn coins enable enormous efficiency in payment circles

“There are an infinite number of use cases for stablecoins, but the most important thing is to redesign the financial world with unchangeable rules, to make it transparent and to make it accessible to everyone,” he added later.

It should be remembered that, supported by Bitcoin, The Money On Chain protocol consists of four tokens that provide different use cases. In addition to DOC, the protocol contains the BitPRO token (BPRO), which was specially developed for people with Bitcoin (Bitcoin holders) in order to achieve decentralized profitability in Bitcoin.

The third token is the BTCX, a long position used in Bitcoin. The MoC is the fourth token (not yet released) and is used for decentralized control of the Money On Chain protocol.

About DescentralizAR 2020

Decentralization 2020 will be 100% online. The platform will not only have the opportunity to give the presentations of the speakers, but also a variety of activities to promote interaction and networking.

This cycle of online conferences is geared towards the diffusion and debate of technologies for decentralization. In a delicate economic scenario, the NGO Bitcoin Argentina is behind this initiative. The event is aimed at entrepreneurs and investors as well as entrepreneurs, specialists and the general public interested in business and technology.

The lecture series deals with the emergence and potential of important digital assets in circulation and opens the debate to experts to think about new ways of exchanging values.

Some of the topics on the agenda are:

  • The development of money

  • How to buy cryptocurrencies in Argentina

  • Legal and accounting aspects in Argentina

  • Cryptocurrencies without volatility “stablecoins”

  • DEFI: Decentralized financing as an alternative

A currency restriction scenario in Argentina

Rodolfo Andragnes, President of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina, said:

“We chose this topic because cryptocurrencies and decentralized financing (DeFi) are particularly relevant in scenarios with exchange rate restrictions or with the appearance of currencies such as scales and stable cryptocurrencies (stable coins, etc.).”

Then he added:

“We know that at least the Bitcoin problem is installed in society, but we believe that in many areas the lack of knowledge is almost as great as the opportunity that arises, and we want to address the impact on it Prepare industries.

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