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From millionaire to criminal and beyond

June 4, 2020

Charlie Shrem has been involved in cryptocurrencies for longer than almost anyone else, he likes to joke and says it is one of The first ten people to hear about Bitcoinis now the moderator of the podcast, which focuses on cryptocurrencies. Untold storieswho tries to record the history of cryptocurrencies with the eyes and experiences of their most influential characters.

The latest live questions and answers from Cointelegraph gave the audience the opportunity to ask Shrem directly about cryptocurrencies, his past, and everything else, topics from XRP, DApps, and stablecoins to his time in prison, Shrem revealed, like first heard of Bitcoinwho believes that leads the cryptocurrency spaceand explains how the prison allowed him to reconfirm Your commitment to cryptocurrenciesWatch the full stream in the video above.

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From millionaire to criminal and beyondFrom millionaire to criminal and beyond

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