From documents to a move, this platform allows you to make deliveries in minutes

The logistics platform of Asian origin Lalamove landed in Mexican territory. It allows businesses to connect with drivers of vehicles of different sizes, to make shipments in real time without the need for a fleet.

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From documents to a move, this platform allows you to make deliveries in minutes
From documents to a move, this platform allows you to make deliveries in minutes

As a business owner, you are surely interested in making your expenses more efficient. Do you know that there is already an option to reduce your logistics operating costs and that you do not need to have a fleet to make your deliveries?

With 15 million drivers worldwide and operations in 260 cities in China, India and Brazil, it arrives in Mexico . It is a company established in 2013 in Hong Kong , created to make the same day delivery possible with the push of a button.

Shipments can range from documents and small packages to removals, as the platform allows you to connect with drivers of vehicles of various sizes, including motorcycles, cars, vans and trucks, making it possible to send almost anything. The costs are calculated depending on the dimensions of the shipment and the distance to travel.

There are 3.5 million orders that are delivered every month worldwide. Lalamove has become the strategic partner of 20,000 companies of all sizes, including retail chains, e-commerce, small businesses and restaurants.

In an interview with Albert Go , regional director for Latam, explained that Mexico is a market with ample potential in which businesses are not accustomed to real-time shipping. To carry out this process, too much time is spent. “Either a truck is hired for the whole day or it goes out in the street to look for a service and then hire it,” he says.

“The biggest challenge will be to educate the market. I think that a great impact can be achieved and we will seek to play a very active role both in the development of the market and in technology, ”he adds.

Unlike traditional services, through the use of technology (in an app or web version), Lalamove assigns users a vehicle: LalaMOTO (motorcycles), LalaLITE (trucks) and LalaHEAVY (trucks). The average allocation time is five minutes and these are drivers who adhere to the platform voluntarily working independently, as do other type or Uber services.

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From 10 to 20 minutes is the time it takes for the driver to get to the business and the journey becomes safe and reliable because the platform allows tracking the shipment in real time and through instant communication. It also allows carriers to make several deliveries or stops on the same route or schedule a delivery in advance.

He explains that Lalamove has learned that the first thing to do when arriving at a new market is to listen to customers and drivers. “It's something we take very seriously, listening to our users, small businesses and the owners of the vehicles we try to understand and see how we can improve our service because the product we provide is in itself a necessity.”

For this reason, the company has training courses for drivers who get on the platform. This so that they provide the best service, can work harder and earn more.

“Definitely the future of business is the shared economy (sharing economy) or digital economy (gig economy),” says Albert Go. “Being a platform gives us efficiency and becomes a real alternative,” he adds.

The manager explains that currently the drivers have no bargaining power and that as a business, if you are looking for a driver it will be expensive because you must hire it all day. In addition, he does not know when he will have a next order.

“With the shared economy, users will be able to contact drivers looking for a job, instead of having their vehicles parked. Generally this is good for the user, the driver and for the economy in general, as you generate more economic activity. ”

Albert Go ensures that the company always seeks a good relationship with the governments of the countries in which it ventures. Therefore, he says that he arrives at the Mexican market, complying with all regulations on digital economy. He maintains that at the moment he will focus especially on trucks because it is a market with high potential to which several thousand users will surely join during the next months.

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